Most photos are taken from my iPhone with the consent of all parties who are in the picture or their items pictured.  Photos from which I have found on the internet are not mine and are linked back to their source, which may or may not be their rightful owners.  If you are the rightful owners to these photos, please contact me so I can take them down.

Outfits and Polyvore sets

Outfits that I have planned and copied from polyvore are ones that I have created with my personal account.  If you have seen them on Pinterest before, they may have been uploaded myself to Pinterest or someone has pinned it.  Polyvore sets that I have created are linked back to my account.

Product Reviews

Unless otherwise stated, products I review are items I have been using for years or have recently discovered, loved, and want to share.  Items reviewed on this blog for product promotion will be explicitly stated.


Please e-mail me KKNpharmD @ gmail . com if you have questions or concerns.



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