WIW: #Adulting

Well, it finally happened.  I woke up earlier on the weekend than I normally do during the week, just to go to class.  I know.  I’ve graduated, I’m done, why the heck do I have class? Oh because I need 15 hours of continuing education each year to maintain an active license.  

So, this is what I did.  I attended a day-long meeting with the Pharmacy Learning Network to get my CE’s done.  If you’re looking for some live CE’s, this company is the jam.  And they feed you.   Of course, since this is work related, I had to dress semi-professional.  Something about being among colleagues.  Whatever.

I went for my go-to business casual look, of skinny black pants, a pseudo neutral top, a fun leopard print flat, and of course, a blanket scarf.  I AM SO HAPPY I went for the blanket scarf because that room was freezing and I had to use it as an actual blanket.

WIW: New Business Casual

My current and my last job had a very relaxed business casual dress code.  Well I guess my good ole CVS days were also business casual, but I think I was too stressed out to think so.  Apparently the new thing is just to have a completely casual office.  I’m sorry, I’m still in a professional field, so no jeans at the office for me.

Apparently, the casual trend has gone so far, that it has eliminated the need for casual Fridays.  Instead, offices are instituting “Formal Friday” so they have a reason to dress up.  Still, not something my office believes in.  Mixing the two, my normal work clothes is a strong mix of the two:

new biz casual


I like to party with the PacSun black pants.  Apparently they are jeans.  They are not made of denim, but apparently they are jeans.  Since I don’t think they are jeans, I feel like I can get away with wearing them at work.  I do dress up the rest of the outfit with a relaxed tailored shirt and some dressy flats and simple dainty jewelry.

WIW: Brights and Jewel Tones

With today being the autumnal equinox, it is the nature of DC to remain super hot and tropical feeling until it feels the need to drop to 30 degrees.  In this odd late-summer-early-fall weather, I like to wear a bright summer color and match it with a jewel-tone cardigan.  

Per usual, I will only wear a solid color neutral pant (in this case, black) to work.  Dressing it up with my pearls and Fornash bangle, the outfit is classy and completely weather appropriate.

WIW: Hokie Game Day

GUYZZZ After a pretty rough patch with the Ohio State game, the Hokies are finally picking back up and winning again.  Meeting another Big 10 team this weekend, but I am going to bask in the victory of our cupcake win! 

I love that Orange and Maroon are so mainstream now.  Of course I had to go with a slightly vulgar t-shirt with the school’s inside joke (Stick it in…the end zone, duh).  I love these orange and maroon soft shorts from Old Navy (last season).  I also had these old Stephen Bonanno sandals from way back when.  Of course I found out he has like a billion fraud charges and might be on the sex offender list in Palm Beach.  If that’s not your flavor, go for the collegiate Jack Rogers.

WIW: Labor Day Brunch

I don’t get to brunch a whole lot.  I have been taking advantage of not having to work on the weekends by laying lazily in my bed until I feel like it.  that is usually right past peak brunch hours.

My friends were in town this weekend for Labor Day, so they managed to drag me out to brunch at their hotel.  It was pretty Ritz-y.  Haha, did you see what I did there?

Of course I had to wear all the white I had, just in case I ran into P. Diddy and he decided to  host his white party at the Ritz in Arlington.  This dress is from Banana Republic Factory store, which I couldn’t find anything similar to link.  The bag is the 2 Park Avenue Beau Bag from Kate Spade (Similar) and of course, I had to throw on my White Jacks!

I definitely ate my fill at brunch.  I wish I owned white yoga pants for this very occasion.  Maybe next year!

Salute to Summer: Uniform

I basically have been living in variations of the same outfit this entire summer.  Soft tailored shorts, a plain layering tee, and a pair of Jacks.  As soon as I found an affordable pair of those shorts from Old Navy (like, where freakin else?), I thought that the best thing to go with them is just a plain tee.  These shorts have such loud patterns that I think they can stand their own ground.

I’ve also been getting my money’s worth out of my Kate Spade cross body that I got for a steal at the outlets at the beginning of the summer.  It’s just the easiest summer outfit.  It’s comfortable, airy, and super chic no matter the occasion.  Except a wedding.  Don’t wear this to a wedding.

WIW: Conference

Believe it or not, I am still recovering from my conference last week.  Going to one is already tiring, hosting one is absolutely exhausting.  The conference itself ran from Wednesday through Sunday, but I had to get there on Monday to meet with the hotel staff and plan awards and other behind-the-scenes tasks.

One of the other officers sent out a packing list, thank goodness, which made the packing so much easier.  We have three professional days, with casual kick-off and casual dinners.



In case you are wondering, yes, I did bring my entire collection of Jack Rogers.  Just kidding, I only brought four of them and left the other six at home.  The conference was at Disney, so I definitely had to wear my mouse ears on the opening kick off night!  I definitely aspired to be known as the “fun council member.”  Despite the useful packing list, I forgot how many casual days I had!  Yes, I re-wore shorts. Don’t hate.
business session


I like wearing dresses for professional events.  Not because I am trying to impress someone.  Because I don’t trust myself to match two pieces of clothing together to look professional. Also, with my weight gain, clothing kinda rides up funny and I end up with my gut sticking out or my back showing.  Not the time nor the place to be looking a hot mess in front of students.

Although I had fewer options to choose from on this trip, I at least got use out of everything in my suitcase! That meant instead of sorting through clothing when I got home, I just threw everything in the wash because everything got used.

WIW: Travel Wear

Another conference another comfy outfit.  I once traveled with a couple dudes who decided to wear suits on a plane (SUITS ON A PLANE! GET THESE SUITS OFF THE PLANE!) because they wanted to get bumped to first class.  Me? I was wearing leggings and a tshirt.  No shame in my plane game.

Well, I guess some things never change. I will always wear leggings and a tshirt on the plane.  Even first class can be uncomfortable…at least on the tiny planes that I fly on.  I don’t go anywhere fancy, so there is no real first class.  Joke’s on you.



Well, yes,  still use my Vera Bradley duffle bag.  It is spacious and the super soft quilted material is easy on my shoulders when I lug around my 80,000 pairs of shoes.  I used to wear flip flops to travel, but once time I was left standing barefoot on the airport floor while TSA searched my bag. No. And. Thank You.

No matter how you travel comfort is key.  Absolutely paramount.

WIW: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day always ends up being really stressful for me.  Besides the fact that I have always struggled to please my mother (#mommyissues, is that a thing?), I have a whole slew of women who helped raised me.  It literally took a village to raise me.  From running around town to buy flowers and then deliver them, and then eating here, and eating there, then taking my real mom out to dinner, I had to dress for comfort and the weather.  IT WAS SO HOT ON SUNDAY! mothersday

I finally got to wear my Lilly for Target shift dress.  The material is obviously thinner than standard Lilly, but it was still durable and breathable.  I threw on my favorite pair of Jack Rogers Women’s Glitter Navajo and slung a cross-body bag on.  I definitely needed both hands with the flower deliveries, and I did not want to be weighed down by the heavy straps of a Longchamp.

I also was having some eye problems, soooo glasses it was….

WIW: Spring Time

It’s finally Spring! While the weather is a little bit more crisp than I would like, I have been getting in the Spring mood with some florals (how ground-breaking).  My favorite go-to look has been a floral blouse with a neutral sweater and some skinny pants–pastel if possible.  Spring

I wore this outfit for Easter Brunch and it was perfect for the weather that day!  My five year-old cousin came up to me that day and said, “Did you get married? You look like you got married.” I’ll take that as a compliment!