DIY Headband Holder

Call me Blair Waldorf, because I own an unhealthy amount of headbands.  The only difference between Blair and me is that she actually wear shed headbands, but that is a conversation for another day.  After a kick of reading tons of organizing blogs and pinning organizing things, I am across this pin for a headband holder!

In utter defiance of buying actual things, I decided to cover up my oatmeal can with some card stock and washi tape.  Oh I forgot, I was once on an oatmeal kick and went through tons of these oatmeal cans every month.


Obviously you want to wrap the card stock around the can and trim accordingly.  Life is not perfect, so the card stock will be too long on one side and not long enough on the other.  Choose to pages whose prints match.  Or don’t match, if you like to live dangerously.


So yeah, trim everything up and make it look pseudo neat.  Again, or not, if you like to live dangerously. Side note: these scissors are super small and made my hands hurt.


Before I attach to my can, I lined up half of my washi tape onto the edge of the paper


I wrap it around the can and then use the extra piece I cut to complete covering it up.  And voila, in like literally a minute, you have a pretty headband holder!


I have a little shelf with a bit a height limit to put this on, so I didn’t put it on a pretty pedestal.  I actually made two–this one is for my fat headbands, and I made another with a similar pattern for my skinny headbands and elastic hairbands.

I have seen different ways of decorating these holders all over Pinterest.  Some people use fabric or burlap to give the can a little bit of friction and the head bands stay put better.  I actually think the can itself does the job, since the headbands are slightly smaller circumference.  People also use extra thick paper towel rolls for super thickness and grip, but I think that’s just a waste of a roll of paper towels.


Nail Polish Organizing

Let it be known: my hoarding knows no bounds.  I hoard everything, especially nail polish.  I may or may not buy the same color from different brands just because.  I may or may not buy repeat colors that I really love out of fear for famine.  I don’t even know where to begin.  I basically end up with a pile like this, except it exists in multiple boxes and other miscellaneous bottles scattered throughout my room. :So I hopped to my local office supply store (Let’s be real, I went to Target) and scooped up some of those round binder reinforcer things.  I was really aiming to get solid circles, but these will get the job done since they fit perfectly on top of nail polish bottles.  Other circle-y stickers were way too big. Next, I separated my shades into Cool and Warm colors (a little art lesson for ya. Thanks, Mrs. Schmitt) and colored it onto these circles.  No need to be neat, only the sticker part needs paint anyways (I lie, see the result later).  Make sure you line up the bottles to match the order of stickers while they dry.  Pro Tip: make sure you actually paint the sticker.  After they dried, I realized I was painting THE BACK SIDE.  So terrible.   I do two coats to bring out the true color of the sticker.  If it is a glittery polish, I do a stamping motion to get the most glitter all over the sticker.  When you swipe like other polish, it kinda drags the glitter around, and then into the sticker donut.  Then, stick those bad boys onto the tops of the bottles.  It’s super messy since the paint likes to stick to itself (well thats a relief, I wish they would do that on my nails…)

Then, I stick them back in their box in ombre-like organization, i.e. darkest to lightest.    

I stored them in clear plastic shoe boxes I had gotten at Costco (Similar).  It’s not the ideal storage solution, but I am able to see which color I want just at a glance, rather than picking through a pile of a disorganized mess.

Speaking of ideal organization of nail polish, I’d much rather have these options if I had unlimited time, resources, and square footage:

From DIYNcrafts

From DIYNCrafts

From All Things Beautiful XO

From Etsy

From Glitter and Gloss Nails

From Polish Chest

Decorating with L4T

Four months later.  Many strenuous and uneven trades later.  I finally got those gosh darn Lilly Pulitzer for Target mugs.  I seriously only wanted these mugs from the collection.  Everything else were just nice-to-haves.  Well, now that I have the mugs, and some other nice-to-haves, I am trying to configure them into my normal life.    Since my parents are rather…not gentle with our regular house mugs, I opted to keep my mug caddy in my room.  I’ll drag one down whenever I feel like making a nice cup of Nespresso.  As for the appetizer plates, I used them to carrel my lip balms and beauty blenders.  Yes, I am someone who has multiple beauty blenders for multiple uses.  Lastly, I scored these votive candle holders from the collection and use them to separate mascara, eyeliner, and lip gloss.  Love how it all came out and served a purpose!

In case you are wondering, yes, I do need a reminder every morning while I do make up that I do indeed have a doctorate.  Self motivation for the day? That’s what I keep telling myself.

Make Up Monday: 4/28

No cosmetic feature this week, but rather a peek into my OCD side.  Like, really.  I hoard makeup, it is so embarrassing.  Among fantastic Sephora bi-annual sales, my drugstore couponing adventures, and the new Ulta opening across the street, I have acquired A LOT OF MAKE UP the past few months.

I also don’t like to use more than one type of product at a time, so I also have trouble picking out an item to feature on the blog.  So I made a list.  The list of all lists.  I made a database for all my make up.  Embarrassing, I know.  In one pad, I have three spreadsheets.  One for eyes, lips, and face products. Each sheet has a column of the brand and each item I have in that brand.  I also fill in the shade in purple if I have already reviewed it on the blog.  I’m weird, I know. 20140430-125805.jpg




Now do you see why I needed to go on a cosmetics fast? I am SICK.

Couponing Adventures

One night, I couldn’t sleep.  What else is a girl to do? I turned on Netflix and saw that a new season of Extreme Couponing was posted.  Bad. Idea.  I got super excited at the prospects of couponing again.  While I am not racking up hundreds of dollars at the grocery store, I am certainly taking advantage of my immediate surroundings.  I love to coupon at CVS.  Those long receipts are actually pretty amazing. Now, I am going to show you the method.

Disclaimer: I am a CVS employee.  I receive a 20% discount on non-sale items only.  All purchases were made when my shift is over and I am off the clock.  All transactions were scanned by another store employee and all coupon policies and procedures were followed. I have no advanced access to store ads. 

Step 1: Cut out all manufacturers coupons.  I admit, I have a coupon binder.  I take out all of my expired coupons and organize my new ones.  I separate them by category and again by brand.

Step 2: Save all of your CVS coupons that print at the bottom of your receipts.  They may be long enough for you to wear as a scarf, but they are worth money, especially extra bucks! Make a account and see what coupons you may have lost–you can print them out on your home printer!

Step 3: Scan the ad for things you might have coupons for



Step 4: Write down the items you plan on purchasing.  I have columns stating the item name, price, any coupon deductions, total price thereafter (the amount you are actually paying), and any extra bucks you receive from the purchase. My rule (that I break frequently) is that I only buy items that are 1) on sale 2) I have a store coupon AND a manufacturer’s coupon and 3) give me extra bucks.  Sometimes the deal is a money maker, so I bend the rules a little.



5) I break the transactions up into multiple transactions so I can use extra bucks on the next purchase. It really depends on how many extra bucks you start off with.  I like to use my my current ones and try to get my high-ticket items out of the way first, especially if I have a high ECB return on them.  The most number of transactions I’ve done is probably around 4 or 5.



At the end of the day, you get A LOT of products for very little money.  This particular adventure was originally worth over $175 and I spent less than $30.  Roughy 84% savings! I mean that’s not extreme couponing status, but I spent what is usually a week’s worth of care prodcuts to buy almost a year’s worth of body wash and lotion.

Ways to maximize your savings:

1) Get an Extra Care Card.  This is the way you get all the sale prices.  This is how people get those long receipts.  It sounds shady, but CVS tracks what you buy and tries to give you coupons on those items. Every quarter, you get 2% back in extra bucks!

2) Register your card online–and link your email! They will email you coupons like save $3 on your $15 purchase.  It’s less money that you have to spend! And this is the pre-coupon, pre-ECB total!

3) Always mad that you get coupons for items you just bought? Some of these are pre-loaded coupons that everyone gets.  There is a tiny red box called the coupon center by the front door where you can scan your card and get coupons BEFORE your purchase.  There are always weekly freebies and you can only get that coupon from the coupon center.

4) Sign up for beauty rewards.  For every $50 you spend, you’ll get $5 back.  Basically, I buy a lot of beauty items (make up, lotion, soap, cotton balls, etc) with my coupons, so I am always getting this money back!

5) Fill your prescriptions.  There is a pharmacy rewards program where you get $5 every time you fill 10 prescriptions.  You MUST have a card to do this, the phone number won’t suffice, for privacy purposes.  You don’t want to buy like 12 prescriptions for your family, and the person behind you over hear and try to get your ECB a couple days later! Just ask to enroll when you pick up your next prescription.

Remember: you can use one manufacturer’s coupon and one CVS coupon for an item.  This can be combined with minimum purchase savings coupons (like save $3 on a $15 purchase) and THEN with extra bucks because those are used same as cash.

Where do you get your coupon fix?


Small Office Inspiration

The ultimate #FirstWorldProbs right now. I don’t know how to decorate a home office.  Kevin and I are lucky to have an extra space in our new place.  It is technically a closed off balcony and transformed into a sunroom. We are converting it into a home office, but is quite a small space, where we have just a few (a lot of) bookcases and a large oak desk.

One word: Pinterest. Pinterest solves everything, especially home decorating ideas:

Silver Lining

I have been on a serious jewelry kick lately.  While I have been leaning more towards bright enamel bangles, I have been turning back to my silver roots.  Imagine the horror when I find them all… dingy. And rusty-looking.  I don’t quite know the correct term for it, but it certainly did not look silver.

One of my pieces was from Marley Lilly (of course) so I asked what I could use to freshen up my jewelry.  The Social Media guru there suggested any type of silver polish.  I found a jar of Hagerty’s Silver Foam at the Container Store and it is pure magic.  It looks super scary to apply since it is brown, but it foams up and cleans the silver so well! I pretty much went on a silver cleaning spree….



I mean look how brown this silver bead bracelet is, compared to the small quadrant I cleaned in the upper left??



Just like new. I am ecstatic!

Laundry Room Inspiration

Move-in day is in less than two weeks!!!! One of the places I am super excited to organize and decorate is the laundry room. Yes, you heard me right, we have a LAUNDRY ROOM in our one-bedroom apartment.  Lucky girl, I know.  I love the idea of having a closed off room, where I can stand (and not a shanty little closet I open up to a stacked W/D).

I am constantly inspired by these clean spaces people have in their homes just for doing laundry.  While this is not a full-blown home with an entire basement devoted to washing clothes, I have a great space to work with.

Love: clean lines and cabinets to hide everything and keep it looking neat

Love: Fantasy wash room! Not likely to be done in my new place, but the cabinet color!

Love: wall color and chandelier!

Love: Dark cabinetry and how manly it looks! Maybe it will entice K to do some laundry

Pill Management

Not only do I work in a pharmacy, I pretty much have the entire over the counter section in my house.  Every ailment you have, I have the remedy, and even multiples depending on your needs. That is such a great idea, they said.  You will be so prepared, they said.

Lies. All. Lies. I ended up with hoards of boxes and foil wrappings everywhere. Using my little pharmacist brain. I wanted to make an organized way to control this mess. Enter, the pill file.


Using a shoe box, an index card, and some post-its, I filed away my pills neatly, and organized them by their medical properties.


If members of my family come in to get some OTC care, I have listed the type of drug and how often they should take it.  Granted, I do appreciate if they call me before they take anything.  That way, I can make sure that they need it and what the tablets they need look like.


N ote: Because I AM a pharmacist and spent the better part of my life studying medications, I feel comfortable taking items out of the box.  I would not recommend taking such things out of the box if you or someone you know is not medically trained, plus it probably looks better than the mess that I made.

Planner Planning

I love my planner.  When I wrote my planner picks post a few weeks ago, I was so sad not to be going back to school.  With my crazy work schedule, I needed it more than ever.  I am absolutely obsessed with my Paper Source planner.  Its black and gold chevron stripes is a little homage to my doctorate alma mater. 20130929-112010.jpg



If you knew me at all in school, I LOVE to color code.  The blocks in this planner lets me separate my job, blog, personal life, and reminders sections.  A little side note with my work is that log the number of hours that I work each week so I can get paid for them correctly.  It’s not that I don’t trust pay roll–it’s that I trust no one. 20130929-112020.jpg