Monogram of the Month: November

I love November.  Not because I am a super basic girl (they prefer October), but because it is birthday month!  My birthday is just two short weeks away, and I, literally, just forgot how old I was turning.  WHEW!  Maybe that is a good thing.  Medically, no, but emotionally, yes.


Enough of that nonsense.  In September, I had gotten sucked into the Memento Mystery Box craze!  They had both a Game Day box, as well as a “Tanks are my cup of tea” box.  Neither disappointed.  

All of my little treats were in my favorite colors, so it felt super personalized.  I went to the #GIRLBOSS option because, that’s exactly what I am.  This was such a sweet little surprise I had gotten myself, which means I kicked off birthday month about two months early.  Not ashamed.  Not ashamed at all.

The tanks box had, of course, a tank top that basically describes my working mentality.  The Ashley Brooke Designs mug was absolute perfection.  And if anyone knows me, I could always use a make up bag.  I either use it to actually store makeup, my own mini first aid kit, or just as a pencil bag.

The Memento Mystery Box goes up on the 15th of every month.  Sometimes the themes are announced a few days ahead of time.  I definitely set my alarm on the 15th to get both boxes, and you should too!


Monogram of the Month: October

School is in full-swing, which means pharmacy winter is here.  Pharmacy winter is a seasonal phenomenon that begins when school starts until, approximately, Easter.  The math isn’t exact, but it is a strong guestimation.  With pharmacy winter, I used to have to over stock on Epi-Pens, asthma inhalers, and give out well over 30 flu shots daily.

Obviously that has changed with the job changes.  It still doesn’t stop me from having sympathy pains for my friends and colleagues still on the front lines.  No matter what the a day brings, a staple in our lives during pharmacy winter has been hand sanitizer.  Indeed I brought my own little jar to my desk at work.  Because I learned that people in offices are just as, if not more, disgusting as people who come into the pharmacy.  You guessed it, I somehow monogrammed my jar of hand sanitizer.  I peeled off the label that comes on the plastic jar.  Clearly, the jar had some rough and tumble moments and there is an embarrassing amount of lint on the jar where the adhesive used to be.  I grabbed my trusty bottle of Goo Gone (literally the best thing ever and it was $1 at Target) and rubbed off all the stickies.
I then McGyvered the hell out of and squeezed some of the sanitizer itself into my hand so I can clean the bottle.  Remember, it’s alcohol based!For whatever, reason, I always have a metallic sharpie around, so I began free-handing my monogram onto the front of the plastic bottle.  I always start with my last name in the middle and then somehow eyeball my first and middle initials .

Not too shabby! After free-handing the monogram a couple dozen times on various items of office and school supplies, I got the hang of it.  Voila, you’re a monogram master!

Monogram of the Month: September

IT’S HERE IT’S HERE!!! College football is back! Not only are my beloved Hokies starting up again, we have to play the reigning National Champions!

Luckily, I ordered the Shop Memento Game Day Mystery Box last month!  So with Shop Memento, they have these mystery boxes every month, where you answer a little survey, and they have a theme, and the surprises come a few weeks later! 

This tailgate tote is ENORMOUS!!!! It will house all of my amazing drink-concoction supplies, which will then fill my tumbler.  And the football monogram tee is just absolute perfection.  I could not be happier with this box!

Monogram of the Month: August

Summer is winding down.  Seriously, WHERE did summer go? Like where did spring even go?  There are just some things I don’t understand.  What I do understand and love are monograms added to anything.  I have been loving my monogrammed sunnies all summer.   I got my pair off a sale on GroopDealz, but Marley Lilly sells them as well.  I opted for the tortoise shell ones since I have a pair of black Ray Bans already.  I just think they look so chic and classy with a monogram that blends in.  Also, I like that they are etched in instead of stickers.  I definitely need more summer-friendly monograms.

Monogram of the Month: February

Oh February, another reminder that time is going by fast, and that all retail stores are banking on Valentine’s Day themed stuff. I told my boyfriend years ago that I didn’t need any of that. I’d rather have him wait a day or two to buy me some discounted Valentine’s candy. Chocolate roses and gummy hearts are the way to mine.

In honor of the most popular engagement day of the year (although Christmas and Christmas Eve are not far behind), this month’s monogram is an adorable ring dish. No, I am not engaged. Yes, this is my ring. No, it’s not real. Yes, I wear it around like an engagement ring when I don’t want to be bothered. It’s hard being a pimp.


During my Black Friday binge on GroopDealz, I snagged this petit ring dish and it is beyond adorable. The vendor is Be Blessed Creations and everything in their etsy shop is super cute!  I love to pick up things for my newly-engaged friends with their soon-to-be monogram, and I think this is so much better than a bath towel!

Monogram of the Month: January

 Yall, the holidays were a bit of a hot mess. With still figuring out how to live my life with my job change and just budget and messes in general, Christmas was super stressful.  I think my sister and I consumed more wine than we have in our college years combined. Luckily, through my GroopDealz Black Friday binge, I found the greatest thing to comfort my Christmas Prep Wine nights:


The vendor is Beau Tresors (similar) and they have a ton of monograming things.  I am quite sure this is a jumbo wine glass at around 20oz, so it is more than enough to soothe your soul on a de-stressing evening.

Downside: my sister keeps stealing my cup to drink orange juice in the morning. It LITERALLY is not her cup. LIKE IT HAS MY MONOGRAM. Outrageous and shameless, that one.

Monogram of the Month: November

While the monogram of the month is supposed to fall on the first Saturday of each month, my re-blogging didn’t start until this past Monday, so all of this month’s Saturday posts will be pushed back one week.  Luckily, there are five Saturdays this month, so everything should be back to normal in December. 20141025-125446.jpg


This month’s monogram is my monogrammed scarf.  I did purchase this from Marley Lilly about two years ago and I always get compliments on it.  It’s such a simple scarf and the monogram just adds a little bit of personalization. While everyone is concerned about the blanket scarf this season, this scarf is a little bit less hot.  Trust me, I have sweated through my blanket scarf and it is not cute.

I had bought a ton of these scarves for my littles and grand littles (and great grand-littles).  The colors I have above is the color of my sorority, but now I kinda want one in Virginia Tech colors.  I love that there are a ton of scarf colors and even more thread colors.  If you don’t like to have such a blatant monogram, I highly recommend getting a thread color in the same color as the scarf, like a monogram shadow.

Monogram of the Month: September

It’s been a while since I got a brand new monogrammed goodie because of le spending freeze, but I just could not resist getting something special for the office. Mackenzie Horan‘s boutique, Design Darling, was also having a sale for her birthday, so I really could not say no.



Even without the sale, this pencil cup is still pretty affordable at $14.  It adds a little bit of preppy professionalism and I love it.  It’s great to have a monogram where I work, and it’s subtle enough that it won’t bother my co-workers.

Monogram of the Month: August

Let’s be serious here guys.  The biggest monogram this summer is the Coke can and bottle! Working at a drug store, I definitely get the chance to see all the names on each bottle everyday.  When I need an afternoon pick-me-up, I go in and scour for the best name I can find. It’s definitely fun to find a bottle with your friend’s name or especially one with your name.


I got really excited when I found one with my boyfriend’s name.  I joked around and said I got to spend the day with him.  At this point, I hadn’t seen him for a couple days because of work and travel, so it was a fun surprise.



The best part about these bottles is that there are real names on here.  I love seeing unique names, especially when my friends who have names with odd spellings kept saying “I’ll never find one with my name”.

Have you found one with your name yet??

Monogram of the Month: July


Lately, my favorite shopping sites have been having tons of great deals on monogrammed items.  I’m talking about GroopDealz and Jane.  Many unknown vendors sell their products at extreme discounts and we are the ones who get away with the deals.

My most recent finding is a great pair of monogrammed running shorts. While they are not “Norts” by name, they are pretty good look-a-likes–also, monogram.


While not stitched on, I kinda like the vinyl monogram here.  Sometimes, I do get a little bit annoyed with how hard it is.  It doesn’t really bed with the fabric when I need it to, but I am pretty crazy. I am neither here nor there about embroidered vs. iron-on.  For now, they will do.  Unless it starts peeling off.  That would piss me off beyond any other.



Hot pink on navy. Because I am a 21 year old girl. My boyfriend made fun of me for these. And I have no shame.