What I Wore: Capsule Wardrobe

This past fall, I started reading about Capsule Wardrobes everywhere.  It was also seen on the Today show, which is where I first heard of it.  The concept is that you have 30-40 basic pieces, and that is all you wear for three months, or for an entire season.  Honestly, I quite love this idea, because there really are only a few pieces in my closet that I absolutely love and could wear over and over.  This concept allows you to re-wear the same clothing in different combinations.


After a bit of research, I settled for someone else’s method, where she used 37 pieces.  Although she had a few more shoes and a few more bottoms that I used, I swapped those counts in for my tops.  Gotta have more variety in my tops!



I had 2 pairs of jeans, 2 skirts, and five pairs of dress pants for work:


For my tops, I had 2 basic tees, 2 blouses, 2 dressy tops, 2 cardigans, and 7 sweaters.  Sure, 7 sweaters sounds excessive but it’s fall.  It’s getting cold (or so I thought, said 70-degree Christmas Day)img_1455

My three dresses I chose were a sweater dress, a thicker business casual dress, and a business dress to wear under a blazer:


For outerwear, I had my thick barn coat (not pictured), my herringbone vest, and a light sweatshirt-material motorcycle jacket.  I was really afraid that it would get too cold towards the end of the season for me to wear the vest and the jacket, but mother nature did favor my choices:


Picking out shoes for Fall was a lot of fun.  Of course, riding boots and Bean boots were going to be the g0-to picks on the weekends.  for work days, I chose neutral and pseudo-netural flats and heels.  Yes, Leopard is a neutral.

img_1461To avoid any confusion (or temptation), I separated a tiny sliver of my closet to only house my capsule wardrobe.  All the tops were on top and the dresses and bottoms were on the bottom.  The chosen shoes were located right next to the pants.


Of course my collection did not include accessories or camisoles that may be needed under thinner clothing.  I also did not include clothing for special events like Thanksgiving, my high school reunion, or Christmas.  Obviously pajamas and workout clothing (a huge loophole) did not count.

I just picked out my selection for the winter (January through March) and I can’t wait to share my picks and my favorite outfits when I’m done!


Warby Parker Pop Up

Ok, so these photos were taken soooo long ago.  Along with my blog break, I was still taking pictures in preparation for my blog.   This round of random photos comes from the Warby Parker Pop Up Shop in Nordstrom.  Sadly, this ended on Labor Day, but it was still excellent to get to try out all the pairs in person.  

My favorite is the Jennings.  Not pictured is the Nash, which everyone seems to love on me more.  I really wanted round ones, and the Nash is more of a rectangle shape that “makes me look younger”.   They are both wide frames, which is a huge plus to me, as my face is just large in general.

It was SO nice to see all these frames in one place. It was also equally as nice to see them marked as wide, because the first few frames I tried on that weren’t marked were incredibly depressing.   

I’m kinda upset with myself that I didn’t have the time to see an optometrist before the close of this pop up shop.  I do however know exactly what I want, and can just send them a photo of my prescription when I do get around to it.   If you missed the Pop Up shop, then the Warby Parker website lets you try on 5 pairs in their try on kit!

Salute to Summer: Uniform

I basically have been living in variations of the same outfit this entire summer.  Soft tailored shorts, a plain layering tee, and a pair of Jacks.  As soon as I found an affordable pair of those shorts from Old Navy (like, where freakin else?), I thought that the best thing to go with them is just a plain tee.  These shorts have such loud patterns that I think they can stand their own ground.

I’ve also been getting my money’s worth out of my Kate Spade cross body that I got for a steal at the outlets at the beginning of the summer.  It’s just the easiest summer outfit.  It’s comfortable, airy, and super chic no matter the occasion.  Except a wedding.  Don’t wear this to a wedding.

Work It

There comes a time in a girl’s life that her Longchamp tote is no longer considered professional, but rather juvenile.  I felt that way when I got to my office job.  It’s not that I felt unprofessional with a Longchamp, I just felt that I had a lot to bring to work with me, and the Longchamp is just a vacuous space where I lose things and I end up being a huge mess.

Commence my search for cute work bags:


My ideal bag is a structured and neutral bag. It definitely has to be sleek enough to be able to drag to dinner, drinks, or shopping after work.  The boyfriend likes to go to dinner as soon as I step in the door, and I do not like to unpack and re-pack when I get rushed back out the door.

Work Wear Wednesday

Thanks to the new job, I have started wearing some previously ignored pieces in my closet.  Working in a retail pharmacy, I had to give up some of my favorite clothing items.  Anything that was remotely uncomfortable or rides up funny had to be stowed away. Cardigans did not look good under white coats.


Until the spending freeze is over and I can buy some more office pieces, I am rotating some things around in the closet.  My go-to outfit is a pretty blouse under a cardigan (I have amassed so many), slim work pants, pretty flats (oh, I couldn’t wear all my pretty shoes!), and some fun earrings.

Office Inspiration

I have just a few more days until I start my new job, and I am super excited to start a new adventure in my life.  As you know, I had previously been struggling with finding my fashion voice in my every-day work wear.  I felt frumpy and uninspired. I always felt rushed in the morning and I just didn’t feel like I was making an effort.

I love reading fashion blogs, especially DC blogs, since that is where I live.  I shared a few of my favorite work wear blogs a few weeks ago, but as I dove in for more inspiration, I found that many blogs were just girls trying to look different.  I could never wear what they wear to work, I would be laughed at and sent home.  Too many layers, too many textures, too many mid drifts (???).

As I turned to the god of all answers, Pinterest, I found some pretty good looks for a normal office (and more inspiring professional blogs).

A good look for pants:

From The Classy Cubicle

A good look for a skirt:

From A Fashion Deliberation

A good look for dresses:


From FitFabFunMom.com

So where else should I be looking? I need to look like a professional, not someone trying to make a quick buck on her blog.

Packing for Orlando

Remember when I called this a “What I do on my day off” blog? Yup, I find myself sharing what I pack on my infrequent trips–however I find them coming up more often these days. I am leaving for Orlando early Friday morning for a meeting.  I am a little bummed since I know the Harry Potter park has just expanded to Diagon Alley, and I can’t go!

In any case, our hotel is right next to Downtown Disney, so I expect to do some exploring and chilling poolside.  Outfit discussions are in order!


I have a dress for my meeting, one for exploring, and a one piece for the pool.  For some reason I am loving white shoes this summer. I have coordinating bags for each occasion, although I probably will end up using my Longchamp for all three.

Of course with every trip, I have a Carry On Obsession and I need everythng with me at all times:


I’ll be using my Longchamp as my carry-on, which means I will need to be efficient with space: my Wallet, that also doubles as a cell phone case. A travel pillow, because I have suffered through many terrible flights. My iPad, for work and also to read my books, now that I am digitized. Planner and pens, so I can jot notes down on the go.  I need my make up bag with me always for touch ups. Lastly, a snack–I am hungry. Always.

travel beauty

Lastly, now that I am in a good cosmetic kick, I am all about keeping a pretty face, but also compartmentalizing my travel make up bag.  I love my Marc Jacobs eyeliner, so that is a must.  For shadow, I love how compact, easy, and beautiful the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick is. For blush/bronzer, I like the NARS mini duo with the ELF brushes I use for each side.  Also another love is the Marc Jacobs Lipstick (Role Play is exquisite). Face wise, I cannot be without my Cetaphil and Aveeno, so I got mini sizes of each for TSA regulations.  I have many sample sizes of the Benefit PoreFessional primer, so it’s a good time for me to use all those samples Sephora keeps throwing at me. Same with Foundation.  When I travel, I prefer a stick foundation so I don’t have to give up precious room for a big bottle of foundation.

What are your travel must haves?

Pro-Fashion-al Inspiration

Real Talk: I don’t consider myself a real blogger.  I sure as hell do not consider myself a preppy-makeup-foodie-style-professional style-fashion blogger.  While I teeter closer to a lifestyle blogger, I am more of a This-is-what-I-do-on-my-day-off blogger.

With all the commotion in careerland right now, I am absolutely loving professional style blogs. I am convinced that these blogs are the reason I yearn for the switch to office-type jobs–because I so desperately want to look and feel fabulous while pretending to make a difference in the world.  I have three that are my go-to favorites right now:

1) The Mindy Project Style: Outfit inspirations from Dr. Mindy Lahiri and Mindy Kaling IRL

What it is: snapshots from the show and Mindy Kaling instagram, shows us where to buy, and less expensive alternatives.

Why I love this: Have you SEEN the Mindy Project? It’s a South Asian girl who is a doctor living up a preppy life in New York. This show might as well be about me. I love her style. AND THAT DOCTOR MONEY

From Repli-Kate It Facebook Page

2) Repli-Kate It: Dress like Kate Middleton at a peasant price:

What it is: Finally, someone who lives Kate Middleton as much as I do. Brittany finds what Kate is wearing, finds the brand, finds where to buy it AND finds where to get it for less.

Why I love this: See this print above?? Brittany drew this, and many other original prints, and sells them for charity. AMAZING and amazingly talented. She also has a facebook page where we can follow along on her findings and other Kate news (baby bump??)

(From Capitol Hill Style)

3) Capitol Hill Style: Smart timeless pieces for the Professional Lady in you

What it is: a true DC girl (like me) is sick of seeing the same lackadaisical style options that professional women are resorting to (also like me). While she is parting with DC for a smart time for grad school (like my former self), she is maintaing the same posts (multiple times a day) and giving us the skinny on the best options for work wear.

Why I love this: She keeps it real. Everything I am afraid to say, she will do it.  She recently called out J. Crew on their over pricing, vanity sizing, and serious decline in quality, AND I LOVE IT. She also picks great pieces, offers different options on your income level (paid official, paid staffer, unpaid intern–love!), as well as your size.  It’s hard to find someone who even acknowledges plus sizes these days.

Fingers crossed that everything in job-world will work out for me. When it does, maybe I can be the fashion lover I was once again.

Profession Confessions

Ever since I started my career as a retail pharmacists–and even during my 4th year rotations, I found myself in a fashion slump.  I guess I had been deteriorating all throughout Pharmacy School.  I started out with super cute outfits for labs and professional days, and somehow got swayed in a lazier way of dressing.  I guess the people around me kind of affected me as well, since they weren’t exactly trying as hard.  I felt like I could get away too.

Well, I got a secret for you guys, I am contemplating a new path in my career.  I wouldn’t exactly call it a career change, since I still would be a pharmacist, but I am looking at other options beside the traditional role of a pharmacist.  While nothing is set in stone, I’m back on the interview path. That means more power suits (and keeping it feminine) and wearing the fabulous heels I keep buying and not being able to wear.

Tomorrow is the first of (hopefully) many interview days and I am stressing over what I should wear.  With so many professional fashion blogs out there, I feel like a traditional suit is frowned upon.  However, I do appreciate the standards of the interview world, so I will probably go that route with a twist.  I’m not interviewing for Judge John Roberts, so no black suit and panty hose for me.


I am going with a brown suit and a blue collar-less blouse. Sooo untraditional I know. I am topping it off with some silver jewelry and a gorgeous pair of cognac pumps from Ivanka Trump. Although I am mismatching with a black Kate Spade bag, it’s the only professional looking bag I own. Oops.

Wish me luck!


Oh you know it is a very serious thing when I have a special Sunday post. If you have been living under the rock, you might want to tune into the World Cup at 6pm to watch us play Portugal today. Ever since the win over Ghana, I have been all over the hype videos for the USNT. As my high school had a great basketball team, and my college was a football powerhouse, I love me some home team cheers, so obviously I’m in love with #IBelieveThatWeWillWin.

What else am I in love with? ‘Merica. Apparently in other countries, they throw “America Parties” and it’s just a bunch of European college kids wearing everything American Flag. And I’m starting to to think they’re not far off. Also, they are infatuated with the idea that we only use red solo cups. I literally LOL’ed.

I was working during the Ghana game, so today I am ECSTATIC that I get to watch the game today after work. (Holler early sunday close). So what am I wearing to work? Not-so-subtle hints of the American Flag. Why? Because #IBelieve


This may also be my wardrobe for July 4th, where I am also not working! YAY!!!