Daily Dose 11/6

Well, here I am again.  I haven’t posted in almost a month mainly because my work-life balance just got completely off course.   A couple years ago, when I was on rotations, I made November “me month” just because it was also birthday month and it made me reflect on my life, what I had accomplished in the last year, and what I wish to accomplish in the following year.  I definitely need that again.


Working from home today, I am getting a good jump-start on blogging again, finding good content, and incorporating more professional advice and #bosslady type things.  I also have been working on several projects that I wanted to share with you.  I initiated a lot of projects since the summer began, and I am finally seeing some success from it, so that was part of the reason I took a brief pause in blogging–I had nothing to write that was complete or concise.


That being said, we are going to go back to regularly-scheduled blogging and checking out some of my highlights from the last week:

The legendary 8-foot Costco Teddy Bear that has set the internet ablaze.

First week of November is the best because of all the marked-down Halloween things.  My boyfriend finally got in the spirit because of the thousands of boxes of Count Chocula that was left over.

Like I said, it’s birthday month, so my office has the cutest ways of celebrating all the November birthday babies!

November also means breaking out my Alice + Olivia mug and that I get to match the mug


This is what my family did for Halloween.  It was a huge hit with the trick-or-treaters, as well as the parents


Daily Dose 10/9

October is pretty much swiss cheese month.  There are holes all over the schedule for work.  Someone is always taking vacation at some point in the month, which causes a lot of shift changes.  Starting and ending work at different times each week certainly does keep me on my toes, however it really requires me to prioritize my life.  

One of my longer to-do lists, which have to be color-coded.
TBT to the one time I made a Sarah Palin pumpkin.  This was obviously before I realized what a nutter she was.

Target as a Left-shark costume.  Unfortunately not a sexy version.

My dog does love to test my “no kissing” rule  

October 3rd was National Mean Girls Day.  This did not exclude us from the ever popular “Catholic Mean Girls Day”

Have a great weekend!

Daily Dose 10/9

I should be happy that this week is over, but come Monday, I will not be enjoying the federal holiday.  In fact, my client is coming to the office, so it is super stress time for my team!  The only thing making me feel better are some snaps from earlier in the week:


This Uber/Lyft driver KNOWS WHATS UP! This is like the most professional thing I’ve ever seen.  It’s basically like the airplane tray table in A CAR!

My sister picked up this beautiful pleated, chevron midi skirt from Banana, and I am absolutely in love.  Super weird, because pleats, chevron, and midi, are literally my three most hated fashion trends.
  My dog and I tried to do one of those weird dog-human-beard things and it didn’t work.  I love this picture because I know she was trying really hard too.  Her head was like that for so long it was adorable.  

Just saw an absolutely gorgeous sunrise that completely turned my bad morning around.

Have a great weekend!

Daily Dose 9/18

Another week has come and gone and I find myself needing a better work-life balance.  There are some weeks where I feel like the only person I’ve talked to are my patients and my dogs.  This was one of those weeks and I need to get myself out of a run.  Somehow, I managed to stop and capture these moments:

Health care providers are the worst at medication adherence.  I need to do these with my vitamins.  No shame.
  This is the best thing ever! I remember this song coming out my senior year of high school.  No exactly 10 years later, this is my theme song.
  Speaking of throwback, there is an app where I can play Snake like its my 2002 Nokia phone.  Complete with the little chirp each time you eat the egg!  We’ve been meal prepping this week, dinners included.  It is SO easy just to flip your food out of those containers and just heating up a sweet potato!

Have a great weekend!

Daily Dose: 9/11 We Remember

Usually on Fridays I post my weekly highlights.  Actually as of late, I have dropped the ball on this.  Today, however, there are no highlights, just remembrance.  I remember being a freshman in high school taking a geometry test and wondering why the windows were shaking and why all of the county’s fire trucks were zooming by.  I remember going to the next period and sitting in the computer lab for my history class and our principal coming on the PA saying that the Twin Towers have crashed and that a plane had hit the Pentagon.


I think hearing about the the Pentagon was the hardest to bear.  It literally hit so close to home.  We weren’t just in the same area, or the same state.  We were in the same city.  I had classmates whose parents worked in the Pentagon.  I had classmates whose parents worked in Fire and Rescue.  No one could reach them.  I think the most heart breaking thing was watching friends pace up and down the hallways on their phones trying to reach their parents.  Remember, this was 2001.  We had brick Nokia phones, and they surely were not allowed in school. 9/11 really changed all that when you think about it.  Phones were left on loud and people answered and ran out of the class room to answer it.  Our teachers didn’t even bat an eye, in fact they encouraged it.


We didn’t have school September 12, 2001.  We returned sometime later in the week with the scariest question you could ask someone, because the possible answers could be devastating:  Is your family alright? Did everyone come home?


I took the picture below at the 9/11 Memorial when I went to New York back in 2014.  It’s moving.  A lot of people wondered why the memorial or World Trade One wasn’t built directly on top of that.  I think that would have been a farce.  This memorial shows that many people did not come home that night.   It shows the void they have left in our lives and in our hearts.  It shows that nothingness can sometimes mean the most.

September 11 and April 16 are the hardest days of the year for me.  It was two national tragedies that I found myself in.  Although I am not happy they happen, I am happy to see what they brought about.  Humanity.  People helping one another, people supporting one another, and people not afraid to break down in front of one another.  It is sorrowful that it takes such a thing to bring out humanity within us.  But from hope comes light.

These days of remembrances now serve as a reminder for us to help one another and to show the pride that we have in our survival.  So, instead of dragging this on, I wanted to share a patriotic Lilly 5×5 from their instagram:

Daily Dose 9/4

Finally! A three day weekend! Except we just had one in July and I am pretty much diving into my photo archives for all of my blog posts.  Football is back this weekend and my Hokies are playing in Prime Time on Labor Day.  Can. Not. Wait. Here are this week’s highlights. 

Cotton candy grapes have been the JAM these past few weeks.  I am pretty sure it’s the last week for these bad boys, but man are they delicious.

The only reason I don’t weight 400 lbs is because McDonalds doesn’t serve breakfast all day.  This. Changes. Everything.   

I got an amazing (actually, two) package from Shop Memento.  Don’t forget their September Mystery Box is announced and available September 15! I may be gracefully bowing out of this one, but they added such personal touches like adding quotes to my #MCM, Bryce Harper!

Speaking of Bryce, I spent last night at a Nats game, where we won by FOURTEEN RUNS.  It’s a wonderful time to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Nat10nals! Did you see what I did there?  Lastly, I am trying out some amazing Mario Badescu skin care items I had scooped up from Black Friday (yes, the one in November of last year) and it is absolutely moisturizing and luxurious.  I’m very pleasantly surprised this $10 door buster is so amazing.

Have a safe and lovely weekend! No matter what anyone tells you, summer is not over until the autumnal equinox.

Daily Dose: 7/31

Y’all.  This was a tough week back at work.  Thankfully, my sister, co-wokers, BF, and dog made the transition much better.  Here are some happy snaps from the week:

I feel like I’ve been to Florida like a billion times this year.  Luckily that means I get to have a good Cuban sandwich and a cortadito every time.

As soon as I stepped off the plane, my sister said, “want to go to Sno Cram?” Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.
I have this irrational love for peeps.  My co-workers know this.  She gave me a peep that poops jelly beans.   This girl.  Always cuddled up in a pile of blankets.

Have a great weekend!   


Daily Dose 7/24

This is kind of a different week for me.  I have been in Orlando since Monday.  Actually, still here.  It’s been a pretty strenuous week of meetings and very very very few hours of sleep.   Now that our convention is coming to an end, I just wanted to share some fun moments:

Packing for Florida means packing up all the Jack Rogers we own…right?  My roommate brought two pairs herself, so I did not feel weird at all Thank Goodness.

After a pretty rough and late flight, this was absolutely one of the best hospitality welcomes I have ever had.  Chilled champagne waiting for me and a basket of snacks.  Love me some snacks.

  Disney Parks have quite the wait at their restaurants.  That bar sure is enticing.  LOVE this drink I had.  Wish I had remembered the name, but after the week I had….. I don’t think I’ll ever remember.

Because I have yet to even lay out this entire summer, I got a spray tan before I left for Florida.  Unfortunately, due to a bad flight, few hours of sleep, and a less than comfortable bed, I used a Salonpas patch for the pain. And then I took it off….and my tan came with it.

When pharmacists convene…so do their supplies.

Have a great weekend! I am ready to go home!

Daily Dose 7/3

I’m slowly getting back into the blogging groove, even with a new product launch at work. In the mean time, I have been having little happy moments with my boyfriend and settling into a new routine.

Cheddar chicken biscuits with butter pickles.  I cannot stand pickings…but this is amazing.

Fluffiest throw blankets for my office

An amazing deal I found at Costco ($90) while its still full price at Sephora ($200)

Getting ready for a great July 4th celebration


Morning cuddles with my princess

Daily Dose: 5/8

I am so happy to get back in the groove of blogging again.  For the first six weeks of my new job, it has been bang-bang-bang with no rest, and I felt like I didn’t have time for anything else.  It was definitely a new adjustment and I had to find a new daily routine, which for the time being, didn’t include blogging.  I also was so wrapped up in the new job that I really didn’t even have anything to blog about, and felt the blog was going no where.  All I ever hear from my sister is, “why do you blog? do you even get paid?”  It’s hard to explain to someone that it doesn’t happen automatically.  Most, if not all, bloggers kinda just start out writing under the radar for the first year or two.  In my case, three years is creeping up.  It’s still a wonderful outlet for me to share my life and my ideas.  I hope for many more things to come.  In the mean time, here are some happy moments from this week:



Cinco happy hour brings out my true colors.



Made reservations.  This is the one time the spot was actually reserved and untouched, and addressed me by name. Fancy.



Another trip to the Sno Cream bus! We cannot get enough!



The new routine: breakfast smoothies from the NutriBullet RX, yogurt snacks, and chicken and vegetables for lunch. #domesticated



When your blog is real life and you wear your go-to Spring outfit to work, because there was literally nothing else to wear.

Have a great weekend!