Color of the Month: October

OK total disclaimer guys—This month’s color is going to need a total fail whale.  The actually color itself is awesome and a great party trick.  HOWEVER…taking pictures of it is just not working out.

Kathy, how on earth does taking pictures of Nail Polish not work out? Well….WHEN IT’S GLOW IN THE DARK NAIL POLISH.   Your eyes do not deceive you.  I got super carried away at Target and got some Sinful Colors glow in the dark polish.  It actually turned out really awesome, however iPhone cameras do not like to pick up on glow in the dark things.  You know what else doesn’t work? turning your flash on because then you see nothing but bare finger nails.
  You can see two glowing nails in the upper right quadrant of this picture.  And three nails in the upper left quadrant of this picture.  Oh well, I tried.  This is actually a great little thing to have for halloween.  During the day, it just looks like a clear topcoat, so it remains super professional.  When it’s halloween night and I somehow manage to find myself in a dark room (again), I can at least find my hand because of my glow in the dark nail polish.

Pictures aside, this actually is a really cool nail polish and I definitely recommend it.  Use two-three layers!


Color of the Month: September

Wellllll that game didn’t go as I had expected.  But at least my nails were pretty!  As you know, I recently organized my nail polishes and found that I basically have a ton of the same color.  I also have an alarming amount of varying shades of maroon and orange.  What can I say? Go Hokies!  

First, no, that is not an engagement ring.  I was messing with my family with my boyfriend over that day, so that’s why I’m wearing it.  The maroon color, which perfectly matches the helmets is NYC’s Wing It Wine (I tried to link to this, but apparently it’s not sold anywhere. Surprise, I got this color 10 years ago) and it matches Chicago Maroon perfectly.  The Burnt Orange is a perfect match with Sinful Colors Big Daddy (this color makes me laugh so much).

I then used the nail art dot tool from the Julep Plie wand set to do some craft nail art.  It is very amateur.  I’m not pretending to be some awesome nail art manicurist here.  I just wanted a clean VT logo and some Hokie Tracks.

Perhaps today’s game will go better?

Color of the Month: July

In the patriotic spirit of Independence day and The Women’s World Cup, I got a little fancy with my nails last week.  Yea, professionally it looks a little crazy, so I had to wait until I got off work on the evening of July 2 (holler observed holiday of July 3).


I used Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish Enamel 1100 Blue By You and the NCLA nail wraps.  The nail wraps were actually part of a Christmas set (white and red stripes and polka dots).  I think they do well as a double duty for this instance alone.  I got tons of compliments on my nails while I was eating away in New York City 4th of July weekend!


Color of the Month: January



Another Sephora sale splurge comin’ at ya. When the new Marc Jacobs line came out last year, I loved every single piece of it, but definitely could not afford it.  I tried some pieces here and there, but could never justify the price of an $18 bottle of nail polish. Now way, Jose. Well, when it’s 20% off, things change.  Since it was a pricier bottle of polish, I wanted to get a neutral color that I could wear year-round.  Dark Grey it is…

Color of the Month: November

During the last two years, I had a serious struggle with finding the perfect Oxblood nail polish (except for OPI’s Skyfall).  Everything I found was too glitterally, too shimmery, too dark, too light.  Serious goldilocks issues. Then I got a Julep Nail Polish in my Popsugar box a few months ago–everything changed.


Nailed it. Nothing else needs to be said.

Color of the Month: September

In honor of this Labor Day this month, I went with all white nails.  I regret not wearing this polish all summer when it would have been appropriate. I learned many years ago that it’s actually really hard to find a true matte white.  Everything else was pearlescent and glittery, and certainly not my cup of tea. 20141003-043116.jpg


I love how chic it looks–Anna Wintour was right, neutral (including white!) will never clash with your outfit.

Color of the Month: August

With summer winding down, I wanted to keep a little bit of summer color in my life.  Last fall, I was desperately searching for the perfect oxblood color, and ended up with several variations.  Before I bring them out, I painted my nails the brightest non-neon color I had.


Do You Lilac It has been a spring and summer staple for me for years. It adds a nice pop to any outfit, especially a boring office outfit, without being too loud and obnoxious.

Color of the Month: July

After all the World Cup games and all the Patriotism from July 4th, I wanted to tone down the rest of the summer with a light green.  Not quite pastel and not quite apple, I think “Thanks a Windmillion” from OPI is great for a poolside mani. 20140715-100334.jpg


I am so not a neon person, so the gray-based tones of all the nail polishes from yesteryear are more my speed.  Granted, I have a lot of nail polish in this color family, but I still love them all the same, and for the rest of summer.


Color of the Month: June

Is everyone ok? Did everyone survive Friday the 13th? Ok? Good. Back to normal business. Summer polish is a little weird for me. I never know whether I should stick to the springy pastels or go for bold. I do love my pinks, purples, and sky blues, but sometimes I just want to make a statement.



This time, I am going bold with an oldie but a goodie: OPI’s Cajun Shrimp. I first heard of this color as “Granny Red”. I prefer to call it a neon tomato red. It just reminds me of summer and back yard barbecues. I am rocking it this month in hopes of my boyfriend taking me out to a Cajun restaurant so we can feast on crawfish and gator. Yup, that’s my cravings talking.

Color of the Month: May

With last week being the Kentucky Derby, I decided to be a little theme-y this month with my nail color. I’m rocking a mint-colored polish from Julep. Did you see what I did there?

20140511-231219.jpgDepending on the lighting, Classic with a Twist is white-looking.  You can tell that it is mint, but caution with the brightness of this color.