Book of the Month: April

Oh hay, I’m suddenly reading books again, but with good reason!  During my trip to Mississippi, I had to stay in some rando’s guest house because it was Ole Miss’ Spring Game and there were no hotel rooms available. OF COURSE THAT WOULD HAPPEN WHEN I AM IN TOWN FOR A MEETING.  Anyways, the person whose guest house I stayed in is Tom Franklin, who is apparently a VERY good author.  His guest house was a little love-shack feeling, but it was a museum of all of this great works of literature. Total nerd bomb.

The plot of the book is very To-Kill-A-Mockingbird-esque but set in Mississippi. I absolutely loved it! It was an excellent read on the plane ride home from Oxford (by way of Memphis).  I really cannot wait to read his other books! 


Book of the Month: January 2015

Ok you guys, don’t make fun of me. I haven’t been reading a whole lot lately, so I am basically scraping the barrel for books that I actually have read.

So this book…I got it free (first big giveaway) because I recently read Fifty Shades of Grey (second giveaway). Good lord, I felt silly reading it. Think of it as a really sexually frustrating Sweet Home Alabama. Except, Texas. That’s the gist of this book. It’s still free on iBooks and free on Kindle. No ra-grats here.

I can’t even explain this book. It’s not even long. Apparently there is a series of these books…I can’t imagine myself reading the rest of it, so I will never know what will happen to the people fighting over a Texas ranch.

Book of the Week: 1

So starting off my New Years by cheating one of my resolutions. The first book I read this year was the Cupcakes and Cashmere book of the same blog.

I had mentioned before that I went to a South Moon Under grand opening party and received a copy in my goody bag as a gift.


Although it’s not exactly a novel, there is a great amount of detail beyond the pretty pictures inside. Emily separates the book into seasons instead of just topics, something I had never seen before. Unfortunately the Amazon reviews rand true in saying that it is a lot of recycled material from her blog and nothing really fresh. Sometimes juvenile.

My only gripe with this book is that it is more like a dense magazine, especially when fashion and trends evolve the way they do. While not quite the book I had hoped it to be, it’s a pretty piece to display when the girl friends are over. Baby steps, baby steps to my goal