Book of the Month: September

Ok, this is the pinnacle of me being #basic right now, but I finally got around to reading Eat, Pray, Love which I literally purchased probably…four years ago.  When I had bought it, I was still in Pharmacy School and was in the mood to become more worldly.  Also, I was also in a phase where I wanted to read no textbooks and only books that made me happy.  Obviously that does not work when you are in a rigorous doctoral program.

After unpacking all my stuff from school, I have been keeping this book on my bookshelf, collecting dust.  In an effort to re-invigorate myself (also I ran out of money on my iTunes gift card, and had no more books on my iPad), I picked this book off my bookshelf prior to a bubble bath.

I kinda avoided this book for a while because it was just too main stream.  It is such a basic girl book that I kinda felt judge for even having it.  However, the introduction itself already wrapped me in.  It had a structure that not only worked for the book, but it had a prayer-like format.  It was further divided into the countries she visited.  I can’t divulge too much, but it was a book of finding your inner self, rather than a book of conversion.

I got my social media start running the @CatholicGrlProb twitter account.  It is still something that I hold personally (who is ready for the Pope’s visit??).  In a discussion with my co-worker the other day, why can’t people be more than one religion?  I don’t mean mixing Catholicism with Judaism.  I mean why can’t we be both Christian and Buddhist.  My dad’s side of the family is Buddhist, and in learning about it during my high school religion class (yes, in Catholic School, they do teach you about other religions), the Eastern religions are more of a way of life rather than about a deity.

Anyways, this book puts a lot of things into perspective.  It’s about finding out what is important and what is not.  In addition, the bookmark I’m using was from the same co-worker, when she went to Turkey.  Another symbol about ow the smallest things can be so beautiful and bring you joy.


Book of the Month: May

No real fun reading book this month, kiddos.  I had a sudden realization that I was depressingly behind on my continuing education and this book happened to come in the mail for me to complete my CE hours.



I have to complete 15 hours every year before renewing my license, however half the year is over and I have done exactly ZERO hours.  So, for the time being, it’s time for me to be an adult and play to my responsibilities as said adult.  I hope to be reading something fun next month!

Book of the Month: Saturday

I usually have a list of books that I wish to read from, but such is life that I get distracted and deviate from my plans.  What else is new? Upon reading up on the Ohio State game a few weeks ago, I came across an article about my boo, Frank Beamer.

The author of the article co-wrote Frank’s autobiography.  Wait, Frank Beamer has an autobiography??? Yup, you can see where I am going here.  I dropped everything, downloaded Let Me Be Frank and just spent the next few days reading about Frank. 

To someone who is not a Virginia Tech fan, it may be the most boring book in the world.  For members of the Hokie Nation cult (cue Metallica’s Enter Sandman), it is the best book every.  Whilst reading it, I definitely realized that all the Virginia Tech urban legends were not only TRUE, but were also apart of Frank Beamer’s life.  Oh, hallway slip and slide? FRANK BEAMERS ROOMMATE.

That’s really all I have to say.  I love Beamer, even if our team isn’t doing quite as great as we had hoped.  I mean, we beat Ohio State, and that’s all that matters.

Book of the Month: August

Ok, this is REALLY embarrassing, but I LOVED the Fifty Shades series! As bad as the writing was, I REALLY liked the plot. It kept me reading and reading and reading.  Maybe it’s my ADHD nature, but there was a different conflict every 3 or 4 chapters, which kept me interested. It’s kinda like watching a tv series, and it was a new episode. 20140825-194645.jpg


Judge all you want, now I am excited about the movie! I cant believe I managed to read all three books in the span of a week!

Book of the Month: July

Ahhh..I finished this book just in the nick of time! I have had a little e bit of trouble finding a time to catch up on my reading this month, but I had plenty of time to read it on the plane to Orlando.  Side note: I was not the only person reading it on the plan.  The lady in front of me and he lady next to me were also reading it, among others.  We were all sobbing on the plane. You guessed it, we were reading The Fault in our Stars

Ok so I love Hazel.  Girlfriend keeps it real. She doesn’t talk about her cancer like it is her crutch, but rather she talks about how people baby her and give her “Cancer Perks”.  It’s basically like a real (but fictional) story about cancer patients.

So it did not “hit me in the feels” like other people would say.  And I mean this in the least cold-hearted way possible.  Cancer does not scare me nor does it affect me.  I find myself a little immune to the scary connotations of cancer.  I work with some cancer patients and I feel like they get enough of that from their caregivers, so that’s probably why I relate to Hazel so much.

Book of the Month: June

I am blowing through these books! The Divergent series was definitely a great read for me. However it took the decline of the Hunger Games series where the second book was a sequel and the third book was a completely different concept. I enjoyed finally seeing the conclusion of the “city” and its fate, even thought I was definitely not happy about the ending.

Now I can finally watch the movie!

Book of the Month: May

Back into the reading grind.  Luckily, the Divergent series has made it REALLY easy to read books.  They are super addicting and I love me some teen dramas.  The second book of the series is Insurgent and it is as good as the first book.  I have yet to see the movie, as I wanted to finish reading Divergent before I see it.  I hope the Insurgent movie comes out soon!

Cannot WAIT to see the conclusion of this series in Allegiant! Secret: Already started, and it is J-U-I-C-Y!

Book of the Month: March

After last month’s abysmal book choice, I definitely needed something new and exciting to read.  Back when I first got my iPad, I downloaded a few books that were on the “deals” page.  One of them was Divergent, which I really wanted to read anyways.  Some of my reading time at work was cut off, as beginning-of-the-year rush made the pharmacy a crazy town.

I really really wanted to finish the book before the movie comes out (I am a book purist, you see) and am glad I did.  To be honest, I was surprised at the actual term “divergent” as the movie trailers led me to believe it meant something else.  No spoilers here, but I can’t wait to start reading the other books in the series!


Book of the Month: February

Ok, so sometimes I do not make the best book choices.  I am definitely someone who chooses a book by its cover.  What can I say? I am REALLY judgmental. This past month, I read the Science of Harry Potter.  It sounded like it combined the two things I love most–science and Harry Potter.  

In actuality, it was pretty boring, and it reminded me why I turn to things like Harry Potter while I was in school.  All of these physics terms that I had scoured from my brain after two semesters has suddenly come back and ruined HP for me.  Also, I don’t like when people dumb down fantasy stuff. It breaks my little heart.  

Verdict: I would pass on this, no matter how deliciously nerdy it sounds. Oh my gosh, I just used “delicious” to describe something that isn’t a food. I don’t know who I am anymore.