Make Up Monday: 1/4

Happy New Year! Unfortunately it’s the beginning of the work week and after having 2 three-day weeks in a row, facing a full work week with no vacation in sight is absolutely daunting.

Part of my New Year’s Resolutions is to wear more make up.  I feel like I tell myself this every year.  I just have so much make up that I really need to wear it all just to at least get rid of it.  However, I just keep buying more.

One of the purchases I made in 2014 was this ELF blush palette.  I saw it in the ELF Studio Store in Manhattan and I just had to have it.

Of course I kept it around for a year or so and didn’t touch it.  I later took it to Florida with me as part of my business trip make up and I just fell in love with it.  I got the light palette, because hello pale and pasty.

I think the color is perfect for my skin tone, even the hot pink color.  When I feel like experimenting, it doesn’t even look too crazy.  For some people that aspect is not enticing.  For business-bitch me, that is exactly what I need: a wide range of color that isn’t too crazy.  A wide range that is usable and something I can use up and toss when I’m done.  I think the dark palette would be the one I have the most trouble with because the colors are quite bold, but light is just right for my skin tone.


Make Up Monday: 10/5

Alas, I have hit another beauty wall.  Basically this only happens when I am working the early shift at work.  I don’t get to do a good make up job at home, so I end up throwing on some make up from my emergency bag at work.  Lemme tell you, my best products are not in there.

Once I get home, it’s not all rainbows and daisies either.  When I have my early week, I end up doing all my errands after work.  Before I know it, it’s bed time, and my face needs some cleaning, and fast, because home girl has to go to work early tomorrow.  It really is just a vicious cycle.  I picked up this pack of cleansing towelettes at a Walgreens in Oxford, MS.  Because I went on a business trip and forgot my entire make up bag and I had to buy everything at full price, without a Walgreens card.  If you know me, you know how much that makes me cringe.

These have come in so handy in the pinchiest of pinches.  Whether I’m working late or having to stay the night at a friend’s house, I have definitely thanked the Lord I never took this out of my bag after my trip!

Make Up Monday: 9/28

It was a very sad day when I learned that the Shu Uemura eye lash curler would no longer be sold in US stores.  But how can this be? What other eyelash curler would understand the burden of my asian eyes??  The nice lady at Sephora then pointed me to a “comparable” one.  I was so skeptical.  Surprisingly, the Tarte eyelash curler works really well.  REALLY WELL.  I can’t really explain it, but it just catches every lash the right way and gives it the perfect crimp.  My biggest problem with other lash curlers is that they don’t catch every lash, and that the crimp doesn’t hold.  This one crimps it so high, that even when it doesn’t hold, the fall is gradual and will at least look normal by the end of the day.

Make Up Monday: 9/21

This summer, my skin has been wanting something light-feeling as a foundation.  I have not had that much luck with BB Cream, so I did not opt for that.  I still need something with some decent coverage and blendability.  Revlon Nearly Naked is pretty awesome.  If it can give me skin like Emma Stone, I’m down.  I really did not like this at first for whatever reason, but continued use and building up the coverage did help me get used to it.  I like brush application better than beauty blender application.  For summer, it’s nice and light.  Now that we are transitioning into fall, I would definitely opt for my thicker foundations.

Korean Skin Care

Beauty trends are something I follow religiously.  As of late, I have been seeing tons of Korean Skin Care items move into the mass market.  Disclaimer, I am not Korean, and no, all Asians are not the same #knowyourasians

Recently, Capitol Hill Style recommended the Banana sleeping pack from Tony Moly.  I also saw some Tony Moly items at Sephora and Urban Outfitters.  I was like hmmmmmmm that name sounds SO FAMILIAR! That’s right, because a Tony Moly store opened somewhere in my neighborhood and this whole time, I’ve been wondering who the heck this Tony Moly person is and why they chose such an obscure location.
Now the website really doesn’t mention this location at all, so I’m sure it’s not an official store.  Perhaps someone from Korea who just bulk ordered everything.  This is Koreatown, after all.  I just loved seeing everything at affordable prices.  Trust me, I saw Sephora and their major markup on sheet masks.  I am actually dually worried now that it is readily available at these mainstream stores that my local store will start raising prices.


I picked up a seaweed sheet mask, the banana sleeping pack (smells deliciously like bananas), and the blackhead steam balm.  The steam balm is out of this world.  It heats up and opens up your pores to clear out the black heads.  I used it only once, so I’m not exactly sure how efficient it is.  My sister commandeered it, so she’s been enjoying the super cute egg-shaped balm.

Actually, the best thing about Tony Moly is their packaging #neverchange

Make Up Monday: 9/14

Every time I do a makeup haul, a little piece of my soul cries.  I really did try hard to stop buying make up for a year.  BUT ALL THE DEALS! Plus for this haul, it is my second ELF Studio store haul.   YUP! I went to New York and the first thing I did was beg to go to the ELF store.  Yes, I know you can get it at Target.  Yes, I know it’s online.  But, nothing beats the ability to try things (the entire collection, actually) in store and getting it right away!

I went a little balls crazy, but here is everything I got!

Milk and Honey Lotion wipes– smell excellent, quick lotion application, and TSA friendly for moisturizing.

Mad for Matte eye shadow palette-I’m obsessed with matte shadows and this is basically a matte version of the Naked palettes.

Blemish Control face primer– I have been having an odd amount of breakouts.  Hormones are definitely out of control and and hopefully this will help with keeping my make up in tact too.

HD Mattifying Balm I love the HD mattifying powder.  I am hoping this balm is a lot like, and a dupe for, the Mally Poreless Face Defender.

Soothing Serum– I am PUMPED for their skin care line.  I am THAT person who always “skin care” when they ask you, “what else do you want to see from ELF?”

Illuminating Eye Cream– Also pumped for this.  Momma loves a good eye cream.

Nourishing Night Cream– Slathering thick creams on my face before going to bed is a hobby of mine.  That was not supposed to sound as dirty as it did.

Ultimate Blending Brush– I bought this because it felt much softer than my Cargo Magic Brush, and actually does quite the job blending.  I use it on days I’m too lazy to do the beauty blender routine.

Blending Brush–Part of their Beautifully Bare line, but I like this fan brush style more for highlighting and contouring.

Ultimate Kabuki Brush–a knock off of the Becca One Perfecting Brush.  The premise of the Becca Brush is to replace all of the brushes you own by using different angles of the brush.  This one is a little bit thicker than the Becca Brush, but it does add some versatility to my make up routine.

Beautifully Bare Lash Tint Mascara– Also part of the Beautifully Bare line, I wanted something to add just a small amount of depth to my lashes.  I already have black lashes, so it’s not something I’m super worried about.  The girl who sold it

Lock on Gel Eyeliner– so somehow between the time I bought it (July 3rd) and now, this bad boy got discontinued on the ELF website, and can be found on Amazon.  Should I just hawk it on ebay? Apparently it got some very bad reviews.

Crease Brush– Emily Noel of Beauty Broadcast raved about this brush and it certainly did not disappoint. There is a comparable version in the regular ELF line, however I am surprised they hadn’t made a studio version before.

Flat Eyeliner Brush– Another brush that I am surprised was not made before.  I love the shape of this and it is more conducive to using eye liner.

Ambient Palette–apparently this was limited edition and is now discontinued to the dismay of MANY in the make up community.  Which is kinda funny because I bought this by accident (meant to buy the Contour Palette) and people are PISSED that they didn’t get their order by mail.  THIS IS WHY I LOVE GOING TO THE STUDIO STORE.  Again, contemplating put it on ebay now, but I love make up too much to part with it, especially if it is in high demand and I have it in my sweaty little paws.

Bonus: When I was gathering items, I thought I had gotten the Blush Palette there.  False. I had gotten this during my FIRST trip.  Oops!

Make Up Monday: 9/7

Happy Labor Day! Hope y’all are enjoying the last day of the pool and some sweet BBQs.  Meanwhile in pale-Kathy-land, I did not get to lay out all summer.  Sadly one of the things I miss the most about my old job is that I got random days off during the week.

My boyfriend keeps talking about that one summer where I was really tan.  Guess what sweetie, that summer I didn’t have a job and not a care in the world.  To replicate that looking I turned to Benefit Hoola bronzer (seen below as a sample) and the NARS Ita brush. 

These were definite splurges for me, but I feel like it was so worth it.  I definitely didn’t get any color this summer, but using this bronzer made me look naturally tan.  Like I got a touch of color.  I lucked out and got the Hoola Bronzer as a sample with my 500-point bonus.  It was a good size sample that I won’t tire of.

Make Up Monday: 8/31

Summer is drawing to a close.  I mean seriously, where did it even go? I took some pretty look breaks from the blog this summer just to let myself be me.  It seems way more time had passed than I had expected, so I wanted to give one last salute to summer this week, as Labor Day is nigh.

At the very beginning of the summer, Sephora sent me a 20% coupon to help me maintain my Rouge status (#noshame).  I was still on a bit of a penny pinching mode, so I didn’t go all crazy.  I also was not in the greatest mood for make up, so I got some little summer-ready treats. IMG_0278

  1. NARS Ita brush ($55): holy grail alert! I heard so many things about this brush for contouring, and by the time lil ole me got wind of it, I was told it was getting discontinued.  THEN I saw it at the store, and THEN I got this coupon, so I splurged on it.  It’s a pricy one, but it was on sale, so ya know…
  2. Beauty Blender Solid Soap ($16): I was out.  It’s on sale.  I needed it.
  3. Sephora Kiss Me Balm ($8): I got Creme Brûlée (clear) and Peach Melba (coral).  I fell in love with the Soda Pop version and it is like 100x more hydrating than the EOS, and I love the gloss and color that this comes as.
  4. Sephora Dry Clean Solid Brush Cleanser ($14) I also needed a little soap item for my brushes. Yes, I do reserve my Beauty Blender solid just for my beauty blender…. However, the Sephora solid does come with a little rubber pad with which I can rub my brushes against and get out the little bits of foundation that are stuck  deep in these depths.
  5. First Aid Beauty Cream Intense Hydration ($6.50-30) I actually used my 100 points to get this sample.  I heard so much about it and have really wanted to try it, but with so many moisturizers at home in enormous Costco-sized containers, I couldn’t justify spending the money without trying it out first.

Even though summer is ending, I must say, these bad boys got me through the summer nicely.  Clean brushes, gently-contoured face, moisturized lips, moisturized face, full on adulting occurred this summer.


Nail Polish Organizing

Let it be known: my hoarding knows no bounds.  I hoard everything, especially nail polish.  I may or may not buy the same color from different brands just because.  I may or may not buy repeat colors that I really love out of fear for famine.  I don’t even know where to begin.  I basically end up with a pile like this, except it exists in multiple boxes and other miscellaneous bottles scattered throughout my room. :So I hopped to my local office supply store (Let’s be real, I went to Target) and scooped up some of those round binder reinforcer things.  I was really aiming to get solid circles, but these will get the job done since they fit perfectly on top of nail polish bottles.  Other circle-y stickers were way too big. Next, I separated my shades into Cool and Warm colors (a little art lesson for ya. Thanks, Mrs. Schmitt) and colored it onto these circles.  No need to be neat, only the sticker part needs paint anyways (I lie, see the result later).  Make sure you line up the bottles to match the order of stickers while they dry.  Pro Tip: make sure you actually paint the sticker.  After they dried, I realized I was painting THE BACK SIDE.  So terrible.   I do two coats to bring out the true color of the sticker.  If it is a glittery polish, I do a stamping motion to get the most glitter all over the sticker.  When you swipe like other polish, it kinda drags the glitter around, and then into the sticker donut.  Then, stick those bad boys onto the tops of the bottles.  It’s super messy since the paint likes to stick to itself (well thats a relief, I wish they would do that on my nails…)

Then, I stick them back in their box in ombre-like organization, i.e. darkest to lightest.    

I stored them in clear plastic shoe boxes I had gotten at Costco (Similar).  It’s not the ideal storage solution, but I am able to see which color I want just at a glance, rather than picking through a pile of a disorganized mess.

Speaking of ideal organization of nail polish, I’d much rather have these options if I had unlimited time, resources, and square footage:

From DIYNcrafts

From DIYNCrafts

From All Things Beautiful XO

From Etsy

From Glitter and Gloss Nails

From Polish Chest

Make Up Monday: 8/3

Ok, this is definitely going to be an unconventional makeup Monday.  This technically falls into make up, but it doesn’t exactly go on my face.  Yes, I am talking about something I have scoffed at for years.

GASP. Yah! I know! Cynical Kathy you have spent most of your adult life making fun of people who have orange legs.  I know kids, I know.  Out of a moment of desperation in Florida, I had to stop by a Walgreens and pick up a bottle of Air Brush legs.  Long story short, I had to shave my legs in Florida, and I knew it was going to strip my spray tan, so I needed something that would give me an instant glow that I had with my spray tan. 

WOW! I was instantly amazed with the results!  With a terrifying before-and-after, I am so absolutely pleased with how well this product turned out.  I look like I’m wearing pantyhose, but not!  It did not look orange at all, in fact, it looked surprisingly natural!
IDK man…my legs just look so healthy!  The spray also did very well to hind all the bug bites and scars on my legs.  Seriously, this thing has been such an under-appreicated miracle worker!

The first time I used it, I just sprayed it right onto my legs.  I mean it does say “air-brushed” right?  Upon reading the actual directions 3 uses later, I was supposed to spray it onto my hands and then rub them onto my legs.  I tried that. I hated it.  Even if I do waste more product by doing that….I would so much rather spray it onto my legs for a flawless finish.