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Pharmacy Student. Proud Virginia Tech Alum. Too Southern for the North, too Northern for the South. I love fashion, cooking, and enjoying life around me. I am obsessed with everything plaid, seersucker, and Lilly. Navy+Green, Tiffany Blue, Pink+Green always catches my eye.

#Goals Chart

With New Years Resolutions all aflutter by now, I feel like I always get disappointed in myself with all these promises made.  During the last half of the year, I started giving myself monthly goals that were not only doable, but I also just needed to get them done and needed a daily reminder.

Rachhloves on YouTube made this in one of her videos and I just loved the concept!

On a heavy piece of card stock, I started with five post-its: one to write down the month and four for my goals for the month.  I left a blank space just to draw a title and enough space between the post-its to draw an outline around them.

With some pretty lettering and different “frames” around the post-its, it will let me know where everything should be going when I change it month to month.

In a little way to cheer myself on, I wrote celebratory messages on each block, so I can do a little dance when I’ve completed the task and removed the post-it!

I think having a few goals that you know you need to complete anyways is more gratifying than something ridiculous (like how I planned to get at least 10,000 steps on fitbit every day…still working on that).  Also, using bright post-its is a great HEY IM HERE for your goals and serves as a great daily reminder.


Book of the Month: 1/16

I’ve been off the book grind for a while, as I have been obsessing over Netflix and YouTube make up tutorials.  Part of my 101 in 1001, which is closing coming to an end, is reading the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings series.  While I don’t personally own any of the books, my boyfriend loves the books.  He could read The Hobbit a million times over if he good.  deluxe-pocket-boxed-set

Those are books I read in a safe space so I don’t mess up his copies.  Otherwise, when I am out or at work, I read the series on www.readanybook.com

I hope to finish everything by the 27th!

Daily Dose 1/15

Unfortunately, it appears that my cold from last weekend took a bit of its own rest only to rev up again for the weekend.  So once again, in another Nyquil-induced coma, I wish you all a nice weekend!

Sunday: Insomnia took over and I drew a snazzy “starry night DC”, which I hope to transform into a painting very soon 

Monday: extra stressful weekend calls for an extra large macaron!

Tuesday: It is Obama’s last State of the Union address, which means this is the last time I can use this meme ever.  Still brings me to tears.

Wednesday: my boss told me I had a Tervis problem.  I do not.  One is for travel coffee, from home.  One is for office coffee, made at the office.  The last is for water, because I need to be properly hydrated to do my job.
 Thursday: I work in health care but my employer likes to keep giant containers of salt out for everyone to indulge on in the break room.  Dear me.

Hoping another restful weekend will knock out this cold!

DIY Notepads

I have hoarding problem.  It’s not so much a hoarding problem as it is my desire not to waste.  I have tons of scrap paper, i.e. paper only used on one side and completely blank on the other.  Well, my desire to clean and de-clutter my life completely clashed with my hoarding problem.  So what do I do? GO TO PINTEREST OF COURSE!

So I saw a pin of using rubber cement to turn papers into notepads.  I love notepads.  I love making to-do lists but I hate buying note pads–the desire not to waste, remember?  This was the perfect solution!

So I cut my scrap paper into quarters very carefully.

It is so so so important to make sure each and every sheet of paper is lined up with the rest of the pad.  It took a lot of tapping on my cutting board.  More time that I am able to admit!

So once you have all the even-ness worked out, use binder clips that old them all into place.  

Once the rubber cement is painted onto the top (careful, it is super messy), attach the little clips to the top of the pad so that it can be held closer together with the glue. 

After a while, I took off the side clips that it doesn’t affect how the top forms and congeals. 

When all was said and dried, I felt like I needed a tad more reinforcement for the pad–the rubber cement really wasn’t cutting it.  Of course, glue guns are here to save the day.  Literally.  All i had to do was just cover the tops and let it dry.  Of course, it also dries almost instantly so I could use it right away!

I also cut the sheets of paper into different sizes, like half length-ways so I could make a killer to-do or shopping list!

WIW: Kate Spade-inspired

Ok, so a little disclaimer.  This is not a traditional What I Wore post.  This is more of a what-my-accessories-wore post.  I love the amazing gold detail of Kate Spade accessories.  The gold stripes and the polka dots are just mesmerizing.  (FYI the polka dots are amazing due to the even spacing between the dots and an excellent dot-size to negative space ratio).

The sad truth about Kate Spade accessories are that they are super expensive.  I’m sorry, but how much for a planner and a tape dispenser? No thanks, I’ll take matters into my own hands.

That is exactly that I did:

I only WISH this were a sponsored post for Duck Tape, but alas it is not.  I saw this pin where someone made Kate Spade stripes on their, wait for it, REFRIGERATOR with gold Duck Tape.  While I am not that bold, I gussied up my office supplies like I picked them from the local boutique.  Folders, notebooks, notepads, and planners, oh my!

Remember the key is to emulate the perfect spacing that Kate Spade has on all the designs!

DIY Ring Dish

I spend an inordinate amount of money on monogrammed things.  Lately, with a slew of friends getting married, I wanted to get them something special with their future names on them.  Well, my monthly student loan payment rolled around and I realized I could not do that.  Never fear, Pinterest is here!

I made this adorable polymer clay ring dish for my friend who is getting married soon, and it has her future name in it!  I love giving little dainty dishes when my friends get engaged so they have a cute, and safe, spot to place their rings if they need to take it off (showers, doing dishes, etc)

So my normal supplies: A wine bottle (because I do not own a rolling pin), a cheese board (because I have no adult cutting board), an x-acto knife (because I have very few priorities in life), a block of polymer clay (used one small block to make the dish), a stamp kit (the only reason I wanted to do this), and a few oven-safe glass bowls.

So I rolled the polymer clay into a ball, as seen above, and flattened it out with the wine bottle rolling pin

I chose the oven-safe bowl that would help the dish keep its curved shape.  I used Pyrex here and pressed the top down to cut the dough.

I cleaned up the edges a little bit with an x-acto knife.

You want to make sure that the actually flattened dough needs to be larger than the opening of the bowl, since it needs to sit on the edges and curve slightly in.

I had a cute Martha Stewart stamping kit that had tons of letters to set and a little contraption that holds the letters together.

Unfortunately, I did not apply even pressure to the stamp, so the word didn’t come out so pretty but I didn’t want to risk the dreaded double-stamp and have to start over, so this is how it ended up getting baked.

I love seeing people make other polymer clay ring dishes.  I’ve seen using multiple colored clays rolled together so that it creates a marble effect, so this may just have to be another project for another day!

Make Up Monday: 1/18

Recently, I have gotten really into lip scrubs.  With the blustery wind drying out my lips, I am ending up with ridiculously chapped lips.  This did not bode well for these matte creme lipsticks I was buying every time I set foot inside the store!  I got many types of lip scrubs (ELF, philosophy, Glam Glow), but I feel like I constantly have to use them and boy does that add up!img_1532

Ingredients in my lip scrub were: Brown sugar, obviously (you can mix it with white sugar too), honey, Vitamin E oil, and coconut oil.  No, there were no Altoids in this recipe–I wanted to use an empty container to hold my scrub and the Altoid one looked super cute. img_1533

So I eyeballed the ingredients as desired to make an extremely thick paste.  I placed it in the container–and that was a horrid idea.  It was a great idea for a little bit, but little by little, the two types of oils didn’t mix well and would constantly leak out of the container!img_2193

So. I had to transfer all the contents to this mini mason jar I found at the dollar section at Target.  This turned out great as it has this great chalkboard label on it and it looked a little bit more homemade.

Make-up Monday 1/11: Multi-Masking

So for this make-up Monday, I wanted to share something that I saw blow up on the internet, and especially Pinterest.  Of course, multi-masking is using different types of masks to treat different needs of your face.  I followed the guidelines that The Beauty Department set out and I just went scrambling for the different types of masks I have amassed throughout the years.  Products used were a Perfectly Posh Drop Dead Gorgeous renewing Dead Sea Mud Mask, Botanics clay mask, and a Malin + Goetz foaming detox mask.

The Botanics clay mask is a deep pore cleansing mask, so that definitely went on my T-Zone.  

I used the Drop Dead Gorgeous mask as my energizing mask on my cheeks because it is super tingly and feels good on my cheeks.

It’s actually super tingly at first, like in a bad way, then it becomes like a good tingly later.  It was pretty worrisome at first, but then it just feels refreshing!

Lastly, the foaming mask is on, and it’s probably one of my favorite things to watch.

It just bubbles over your face! And it just gets bigger and bigger….Like not the same worrisome that the renewing mask does, but it’s a pretty weird thing to see your face swell over like that.

Review: this method isn’t really quite ground breaking.  For someone who has a combination skin type, it makes sense to do different types of masks.  To be honest, it really just depends on the products that you use.  I actually got a ton oilier in my T-zone despite using a pore cleansing mask, and the foaming mask really doesn’t do anything for me.  This trend definitely got too much hype.

Color of the Month: January

I really intended to have this month’s Color of the Month be this ridiculous disco-ball gel color that I was rocking New Years Eve.  In an email from one of our good friends who works at the University of Alabama, the National Championships are nigh.  So in honor of Monday’s National Championship game, I salute our friends in Tuscaloosa. 

But WHY KATHY? Why do you support Nick Satan?  Why don’t you show love for Clemson, you went to an ACC school, after all!  Well, like I said, we have close friends who are employed by the athletic department at BAMA, so here I am.

For this lovely Crimson and houndstooth look, I used Essie’s Rock the Croc, which is so old I don’t even know if it’s available anymore.  I then used these SUPER old Sally Hansen nail wraps in this houndstooth print. Like I am very sure this is old because I bought it a few years ago when I first started couponing on clearance.

For those of you smart cookies out there who are very observant and deductive, the answer is YES! I have been saving these nail wraps for when Alabama plays in a meaningful game that is not against the Hokies.  I guess it’s been that long, St. Nick.

See you all Monday night, and of course Tuesday morning when I eat my words.  Peace sign emoji.

Daily Dose 1/8

The first week back is like literally the worst.  It appears that my co-workers caught the bug that had been going around and were thoughtful enough to share it with me.  Being one of the youngest at work, my immune system allowed me to be the most functioning person.  So while we dropped like flies at the office, I got to pick up the slack.

My original intention for Daily Dose was to share my daily musings of the week.  Mostly I am just haphazardly scrolling through my iPhone photos from the past week and post the funny ones.  I am going to be trying to pick one picture from each day that makes me happy.  They will most likely be Sunday through Thursday posts, seeing as how this post goes up on Fridays.

Sunday: Went to a new Vietnamese restaurant and it was super cute and super yummy

Monday: My cousin got me a coloring desk calendar, which combined the two things I wanted most for Christmas: a coloring book and a desk calendar.

Tuesday:  My co-worker cold kicked in and this coffee {and this mug-gle} made my life better.

Wednesday: If you don’t have a Tervis from your alma mater, did you even go there?



Thursday: Probably one of the more exciting things that have happened to me.

So excuse me while I spend this weekend in a Nyquil-induced coma. I hope you all have a fun weekend!