Advocare Diary

After months of promising each other to get healthy together, my boyfriend and I finally committed and ordered Advocare.  I was quite skeptical about it since I have done so many diets before, taken so many pills, and saw very little results.  His football buddies from college all did it to lose their post-college-athlete weight and my own friends have done it to lose their post-baby-weight.  I figured if normal people like us could lose weight on it, it may be a good match for us.

The 24 day challenge seems daunting at first, but with the right recipes, it can just seem like we are eating healthy with some boosts here and there. In order to hold myself accountable, I am tracking my days in this “diary”

The day before: Not the ideal prep day, but I had sushi and ended up with food poisoning.  Most of the day was spent in the bathroom just …getting rid of the toxin.  I wanted to splurge a little since 24 days can seem long when you are cutting out your favorite food.

Day 1: We are cooking our food for the week today, so breakfast was going to be a little unconventional.  I start the day off with Sparks, an energy drink to replace coffee.  It’s about 45 calories.  It’s drinkable, but the watermelon tastes like a Jolly Rancher, and not in a good way. Before I eat breakfast, I have to drink a fiber mix.  It was terrible. Oh my gosh. For having had food poisoning yesterday, It actually tasted like the vomit going back down. UGH. My mom had a craving for Panera, so I had an egg white and spinach sandwich on a multi-grain bagel flat (410 calories, according to their menu) and a banana. Breakfast calls for a protein, complex carb, and fruit. For a snack, I had a few avocado slices. Lunch was before we did our grocery shopping, so we went to Silver Diner (stepped up its game, btw) I had a salad loaded with quinoa, eggs, and a few shrimp with dressing on the side. Pretty good and made the diet seem manageable. Snack was an orange while we were cooking up our food. Dinner included the OmegaPlex supplement, and we made chicken with spinach, mushrooms, and almond slivers. It was served over brown rice, but a complex carb is only optional for dinner. I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be eating carbs after lunch. I ended the day with a Herbal cleanse caplet. Happy Day 1 was manageable!

Day 2: Citrus Sparks is so much better! Fiber drink is still terrible. For breakfast I had oatmeal, banana, and a little bit of the chicken we had prepared for the weeks meals.  My snack at work was a tablespoon of natural peanut butter (the one where the oil separates and you have to stir for dear life). A Sparks was optional before lunch, but since I was at work for another 8 hours, I needed a boost for the rest of the day. Lunch consisted of a chicken burrito loaded with tomatoes and beans, flavored with taco seasoning and salsa.  I used a multi-grain wrap and had two small burritos. For an afternoon snack, I had a greek yogurt I bought at the store.  Dinner was another chicken dish that we made called Chicken Azteca, shredded with beans and salsa, with a side of broccoli.  No carbs necessary for this dinner but OmegaPlex was. Another nightcap of Herbal caps.

Day 3: Thank goodness I was off today. Double thanks that it is the last fiber drink for a few days. Another day of yummy sparks to jump start.  Breakfast was my first attempt at boiling eggs for the first time in 4 years. It’s nothing like riding a bike. It took a few embarrassing tries. I had a tiny slice of multi-grain bread, and a peach with it. I can’t remember if I had a snack today…sad I know. For lunch I had the chicken burrito again, but re-done as a quesadilla by adding just a little bit of cheese and warming it over in a pan until the tortilla got crispy. It was a nice change. I had a banana in the afternoon.  For dinner, my cousin had a fundraiser and we went out. So bad, I know. I ended up getting squid and beef over rice with a ton of broccoli with OmegaPlex. And herbal cleanse to end the day.

Day 4: NO FIBER DRANK! That’s basically making myself feel so good right now. My citrus spark is energizing me once again, without a need for coffee. It’s pretty hard to keep up with the feeding schedule while I’m at work because I’m constantly running around and losing track of personal time. I had a meal replacement shake for breakfast–the chocolate is delicious. A few hours later, I made time for a scoop of peanut butter for snack. Lunch was another spark drink and just one chicken burrito since they are surprisingly filling. Short on time, another scoop of peanut butter was enjoyed in the afternoon. Late dinner consisted of another serving of chicken Azteca and a heap of broccoli with my OmegaPlex. My mom brought home a huge tray of strawberries from the farmer’s market, so that was enjoyed for a late snack to help wash down the herbal cleanse caps. Also, my vacation starts tomorrow!

Day 5: First day of vacation, and no fiber drink. Life could not be better. In addition to spark, we had to take a ProBiotic Restore capsule pack.  Tasteless and odorless, I don’t really mind at all. I had another meal replacement shake for breakfast and worked out with my cousin. It’s been a while since I did clean and squats, so my thighs are burning. I had lunch with my aunt in the form of spring rolls with lettuce instead of rice noodles in the rolls.  Snack was a little bit all over the place, including a little chocolate splurge. It was bad. For dinner, Kevin and I had enough of our chicken dishes and went out for Mexican. I had a steak quesadilla with minimal cheese and he had a burrito with minimal rice.  It was definitely not a good day for us, but we were a little burnt out with such severe calorie counts these past few days. We had our OmegaPlex for dinner and ended the night with an Herbal Cleanse.

Day 6: It was probably not a great day for me. I had my spark and probiotic before breakfast, which was some heated egg cups and berries–delicious I tell ya. For lunch I had some chicken Azteca and veggies. I had the same for dinner since Kevin and I were going out of town this weekend and we wanted to finish up our chicken before they went bad.  He also made some yummy brussel sprouts–first time I had them! We ended our night with some herbal cleanse caps. (And OmegaPlex for dinner too!)

Day 7: One week in, and we are facing our biggest challenge–a wedding on MDW. We were headstrong before we hit the road. We had our Spark and probiotic in the car.  I had egg cups to eat and he had a shake. We snaked on cashews and pistachios in the car. For lunch, we stopped in Blacksburg at our favorite restaurant–We were not as good but we tried. I had a crabcake on a Kaiser roll with broccoli. For our snack, we had some fruit and cheese during the cocktail hour of the wedding. For dinner, it was incredibly Advocare friendly. We had crab stuffed salmon, salad, veggies, and garlic mashed potatoes. We cheated a little and had a bit of wedding cake. After all the fun and games, we forgot to take our Herbal Cleanse and OmegaPlex.

Day 8: Seriously, a bad day for us. We were moody from a terrible sleep. We still had our Spark and probiotic in the morning. We held off breakfast until we were back in Blacksburg and went to IHOP. I was good and got eggs, bacon, multi-grain toast, and some fruit. He…not so much, but he tried. He had a really bad day yesterday and needed to catch a break. He’s a lot bigger so the severe calorie cut is terrible for him. Still, we were HANGRY all day, I got a yogurt parfait from Mcdonalds, which wasn’t so bad until I also got chicken mcbites. I had to use the bathroom, and I felt bad. That was my lunch. For dinner, we went to my parent’s house and my mom made egg rolls, which we ate with egg noodles. Her eggrolls were made with lean meat and lots of veggies, so it was ok, except for the fact that it was deep fried. Oops. Took my OmegaPlex shortly thereafter.

Day 9: Also bad since we had tons of egg rolls left over. Still, Spark and probiotic curbed my appetite. I had an egg roll or two with some strawberries on the side. We went MD shopping, so I had some popcorn at the mall. More egg rolls once we got home. Kevin and I later went to dinner, and we were good. I had Scallops with asparagus over brown rice–SO GOOD! I only ate half of it and brought home the rest, where I also had OmegaPlex

Day 10: Finally back on track with Spark and probiotic. I had egg cups and a few mango slices for breakfast. For lunch, I had my left over scallops from the night before. After lunch, however, I really started to get hungry. I snacked A LOT. It happens from time to time, when my appetite knows no boundaries. I can’t even share what it was–so shameful, also because I forgot, I ate that much. When he finally got home, we had chicken with spinach and mushrooms over brown rice followed by our OmegaPlex. My water consumption was out of this world since I tried really hard to fill myself up so I would stop eating. It didn’t work.

Day 11: The cleanse phase is over, and now we are in the max phase, where most of the weight loss is supposed to take place–just in time for my trip to NYC (will be re-capped on the main blog). Before getting on the bus, I had my Spark, MNS color pack, and a meal replacement shake. The shake really is not that bad if mixed well. When we got to the city, I had another color pack of supplements. We went to the Bouchon bakery (backdrop of Today show) where I picked up a turkey sandwich on whole wheat pecan bread. Macarons are a necessary indulgence in New York. I knew this and picked one up for a snack later. We walked to Central Park for a little of a picnic and then walked back to our hotel. I love my JawBone UP, because we logged A LOT of steps! I forgot that the MNS White Packs had to be taken with lunch (so many pills) so I forced those down. We saw Wicked this evening, and dinner was not great–we had Steak and Shake, hold the shake. Fries–I have not had them in so long. –Oh and my OmegaPlex.

Day 12: What a day we had earlier…woof. I’m sad I’m taking all the shakes right now because I really wanted to indulge in NYC famed brunch. Womp Womp. I had my Color Pack, Spark, and Shake for breakfast. We went exploring and ended up having lunch at the Cafe in the Museum of Modern Art, right around the corner from our hotel! I had a HUGE(!!) Salad with rosemary chicken on it (preceded by a Color Pack and followed by two white packs). We are so lucky that our hotel provided complimentary filtered water stations–no having to buy water all over town! We had a little snack at Laduree (I told you, macarons are a necessary evil) and I had dinner at Ed’s lobster bar with my old roommate from Pharmacy School, where I was not allowed to substitute veggies for fries. THIS IS WHY AMERICA HAS AN OBESITY PROBLEM. Oh, and I took my OmegaPlex. I had to end the night early. Justin is a resident at NYU, and he had to get his butt back to the hospital at 5am. No bueno. I just wanted to get back into my PJ’s and my Wicked socks.

Day 13: Last day in NYC. I did not start my day off with Spark because we got our butts to the Today Show set to see Rascal Flatts in concert. It was over at 9, so we went back to the hotel room, I had my Spark, Color Pack, and shake. We got ready to pack up and went back to Laduree in SoHo to get a box for my sister, also a small snack. I quickly took another color pack before lunch, where I had a tuna fish sandwich with lettuce and tomato on 8-grain bread, followed by my white packs. I didn’t eat anything on the way home and boy my body was feeling it. I caved and had Chick Fil A for dinner. BF and I were both having really really bad days, and were not in the mood to be strict, but we had our OmegaPlex–that count’s right?

Day 14: Has it really already been 2 weeks? I guess 24 days is incredibly manageable. But why does 10 days feel so far away? Good news–the weight stayed off in New York. I even lost some more! I cheated a lot, so that was great that I didn’t gain.  I also walked everywhere, so I think that contributed. Ok-back to basics. Had a pink lemonade spark with my morning Color Pack. 30 minutes later, I had my shake–didn’t get nauseous this time. I snacked on some macarons because I could. Later, I took my second color pack and took my cousins out for brunch. I had filet mignon with eggs and asparagus, and a little bit of whole grain bread on the side.  I’m not sure how healthy that bread was, since it tasted incredibly sugary. Followed lunch with my two white packs. When I got back to the apartment, our second Advocare shipment had come in! We ordered some stuff to supplement our current plan. We got a Mandarin Orange Spark, Advobar snack, Advobar AM, a chocolate mocha shake, and BF got some rehydrate (Key Lime Cherry is amazing). I had a bit of a snack attack and had the AdvoBar snack. It is so good. For dinner, I made a meatloaf with ground turkey from the Advocare recipe book. It was so. good. We actually remembered to take our Omega Plex tonight.

Day 15: Why oh why is vacation ending today?? I tried a Cherry Spark, which my boyfriend hates. I actually do not mind it at all. Thenagain, I am a pharmacist and I love the taste of medicine. With my Spark, I took my morning Color Pack. 30 minutes later, I had a new shake–Chocolate Mocha. OH MY GOSH it is delicious. I prefer it much over the standard chocolate shake. Ugh, super duh-lic-ious. Before lunch, I had my other Color Pack. For lunch I had some turkey meatloaf that I made the other day. So. Good. We made another loaf for the coming week. While grocery shopping for the week at Costco, we caved and had a Costco hotdog for a snack. IM SORRY but have you ever had one? I could have another…but I did not. We also looked at some of the pre-made dinners there. We ended up getting stuffed portabello mushroom caps with broccoli for dinner. Also, our OmegaPlex.

Day 16: Back to work. WompWomp. The only good thing about working is that I am so busy that I don’t get those snack attacks. Started my morning off with a Cherry Spark and morning color pack. I opted for the chocolate shake–the mocha is too delicious to waste. I had an AdvoBar AM in apple cinnamon and that was a great pick me up around 10AM.  I forgot the rest of my MNS packet at home and I had to wait until my boyfriend brought one to me at work to eat lunch, which was the meatloaf and broccoli. I brought a double serving and had it for dinner as well. Around 5pm, I had an AdvoBar snack and ate little chunks as I worked. Around 630, I had another snack attack and nothing gave me more joy than looking down and realizing I had half my bar left. Work, I tell ya.  My water intake was really bad–I basically blink and it’s a couple hours later. Working hard makes you forget I guess. Oh, and I forgot my OmegaPlex. Womp.

Day 17: Wow, a day off after first day back from work is pretty much glorious. Today marks one more week until we are done.  Unfortunately, I am still snacking on Laduree macarons. Hey, when you spend $75 on french cookies, you gotta finish them! I had a cherry spark and color pack for breakfast, followed by a shake.  I am definitely saving my chocolate mocha shakes for work days, so today was a regular chocolate day. For lunch, I started with a color pack 30 minutes before eating, then had my two white packs before I had a few pieces of rotisserie chicken with veggies. For dinner I had another piece of meat loaf and even more veggies with our OmegaPlex.

Day 18: Another day at work, another day devoid of water.  The highlight of the day is having a chocolate Mocha Shake. But before that I had a pink lemonade spark (oh sweet Jesus) and my color pack. My AdvoBar AM was perfect around 11 was perfect to hold me over until lunch.  I had another color pack before lunch of a loaded chili–made with kidney  beans, white beans, chick peas, celery, tomatoes, carrots, ground turkey, and ground bison. It is probably one of the best chili recipes we tried. I followed lunch with my two white packs. Dinner was pretty much the second half of my chili. Packing for work is so much easier that way, even if it is monotonous.

Day 19: A Day off means I get to sleep in and drink my Spark just a little bit later. A cherry spark and color pack to start, I had to enjoy to mediocre taste of a regular chocolate shake. Since I did not need a work-day pick-me-up, I did not have an AdvoBar–also because my breakfast was at like 9:30. For lunch, I picked up lunch for me and the BF at Sweet Green (which he LOVES now!). I got a Kale Caesar (romaine, kale, grape tomatoes, parmesan, light dressing) and he got a District Cobb (too many ingredients to list!). We both got a small piece of whole grain bread with the salad. I had my color pack in the car while I drove to drop it off at his work. When I got home, I inhaled that salad! Sweet Green has definitely redeemed itself–I had a horrible experience last year. I followed that lunch up with my two white packs. I may or may have not cheated with pistachio gelato. For dinner, we had more meat loaf. I think he is all meat loafed out. Oh, and an Omega Plex for dinner too.

Day 20: Having to work the first weekend back from vacation is cruel and unusual. I had a mandarin orange spark (YUM!) with my color pack, and a chocolate mocha shake (double yum!) for breakfast. The biggest disappointment in my day was realizing I was out of AdvoBars and all I could do was snack on this Trader Joe’s fruit bar (made only of apples and mangoes, according to their ingredient list). I had my white pack in anticipation of lunch around 2:30–but didn’t get to eat until nearly 4. I had more meatloaf with broccoli. Luckily, I did not need a pick me up between lunch and dinner. Dinner was the second half of meatloaf and broccoli with my Omega Plex

Day 21: I have seen maybe a one pound difference since my last weigh-in. I attribute this to my cheating and snacks of macarons. I’m ok because I feel slimmer. I feel like I am losing inches rather than pounds. Pounds can come off at body parts that don’t matter. Inches come off where it counts the most. OK–a chocolate mocha shake to start after having a Color Pack and an orange mandarin spark. I had an AdvoBar AM pretty soon after starting at work (HAY 10AM opening). I had my second color pack shortly before lunch–but I think my chili went bad since I never have time to refrigerate my food when I get to work. We are slammed as soon as we open. I only had a few bites before I determined it may not be my best option. I headed on home after a short day and I snacked on some lite popcorn (110 calories for the whole bag!) and maybe more gelato. I had some chili over brown rice for dinner and I kinda loved it. Definitely the right way to eat chili.

Day 22: Surprisingly, work keeps me in check. I had a mandarin orange spark in the morning with my color pack and my chocolate mocha shake 30 minutes later. Another weekend opening, I went off to work and had a small snack shortly thereafter. I had anticipated lunch around 2 so I took my color pack early on. Big mistake. I ate lunch pretty late around 4pm and only hate half my meatloaf and broccoli with my white packs. I went off to church and back to the boyfriend’s apartment for our usual dinner in the evening. I had the rest of my meatloaf and broccoli and another nightcap of Omega Plex.

Day 23: So. Close. It was a nice day off for me, except for the fact that I had to go into a meeting today. I started the day off with a pink lemonade Spark and my color pack. I followed that with a Chocolate Mocha Spark. It’s a day off, but I do have to head over to a mind numbing meeting. I skipped my snack and popped because my sister wanted to go to lunch with me, so I got a chicken Caesar salad from Nando’s Peri Peri. Fighting another snack attack in the afternoon, I had a nap and then an AdvoBar. I’m living the dream, I tell ya. I wasn’t able to go over to BF’s apartment, but I met him for dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant. We had a hot pot, so it was all protein and veggies. We ended our evening with  Omega Plex. One more day to go!


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