#Goals Chart

With New Years Resolutions all aflutter by now, I feel like I always get disappointed in myself with all these promises made.  During the last half of the year, I started giving myself monthly goals that were not only doable, but I also just needed to get them done and needed a daily reminder.

Rachhloves on YouTube made this in one of her videos and I just loved the concept!

On a heavy piece of card stock, I started with five post-its: one to write down the month and four for my goals for the month.  I left a blank space just to draw a title and enough space between the post-its to draw an outline around them.

With some pretty lettering and different “frames” around the post-its, it will let me know where everything should be going when I change it month to month.

In a little way to cheer myself on, I wrote celebratory messages on each block, so I can do a little dance when I’ve completed the task and removed the post-it!

I think having a few goals that you know you need to complete anyways is more gratifying than something ridiculous (like how I planned to get at least 10,000 steps on fitbit every day…still working on that).  Also, using bright post-its is a great HEY IM HERE for your goals and serves as a great daily reminder.


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