Daily Dose 1/15

Unfortunately, it appears that my cold from last weekend took a bit of its own rest only to rev up again for the weekend.  So once again, in another Nyquil-induced coma, I wish you all a nice weekend!

Sunday: Insomnia took over and I drew a snazzy “starry night DC”, which I hope to transform into a painting very soon 

Monday: extra stressful weekend calls for an extra large macaron!

Tuesday: It is Obama’s last State of the Union address, which means this is the last time I can use this meme ever.  Still brings me to tears.

Wednesday: my boss told me I had a Tervis problem.  I do not.  One is for travel coffee, from home.  One is for office coffee, made at the office.  The last is for water, because I need to be properly hydrated to do my job.
 Thursday: I work in health care but my employer likes to keep giant containers of salt out for everyone to indulge on in the break room.  Dear me.

Hoping another restful weekend will knock out this cold!


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