DIY Notepads

I have hoarding problem.  It’s not so much a hoarding problem as it is my desire not to waste.  I have tons of scrap paper, i.e. paper only used on one side and completely blank on the other.  Well, my desire to clean and de-clutter my life completely clashed with my hoarding problem.  So what do I do? GO TO PINTEREST OF COURSE!

So I saw a pin of using rubber cement to turn papers into notepads.  I love notepads.  I love making to-do lists but I hate buying note pads–the desire not to waste, remember?  This was the perfect solution!

So I cut my scrap paper into quarters very carefully.

It is so so so important to make sure each and every sheet of paper is lined up with the rest of the pad.  It took a lot of tapping on my cutting board.  More time that I am able to admit!

So once you have all the even-ness worked out, use binder clips that old them all into place.  

Once the rubber cement is painted onto the top (careful, it is super messy), attach the little clips to the top of the pad so that it can be held closer together with the glue. 

After a while, I took off the side clips that it doesn’t affect how the top forms and congeals. 

When all was said and dried, I felt like I needed a tad more reinforcement for the pad–the rubber cement really wasn’t cutting it.  Of course, glue guns are here to save the day.  Literally.  All i had to do was just cover the tops and let it dry.  Of course, it also dries almost instantly so I could use it right away!

I also cut the sheets of paper into different sizes, like half length-ways so I could make a killer to-do or shopping list!


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