WIW: Kate Spade-inspired

Ok, so a little disclaimer.  This is not a traditional What I Wore post.  This is more of a what-my-accessories-wore post.  I love the amazing gold detail of Kate Spade accessories.  The gold stripes and the polka dots are just mesmerizing.  (FYI the polka dots are amazing due to the even spacing between the dots and an excellent dot-size to negative space ratio).

The sad truth about Kate Spade accessories are that they are super expensive.  I’m sorry, but how much for a planner and a tape dispenser? No thanks, I’ll take matters into my own hands.

That is exactly that I did:

I only WISH this were a sponsored post for Duck Tape, but alas it is not.  I saw this pin where someone made Kate Spade stripes on their, wait for it, REFRIGERATOR with gold Duck Tape.  While I am not that bold, I gussied up my office supplies like I picked them from the local boutique.  Folders, notebooks, notepads, and planners, oh my!

Remember the key is to emulate the perfect spacing that Kate Spade has on all the designs!


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