DIY Ring Dish

I spend an inordinate amount of money on monogrammed things.  Lately, with a slew of friends getting married, I wanted to get them something special with their future names on them.  Well, my monthly student loan payment rolled around and I realized I could not do that.  Never fear, Pinterest is here!

I made this adorable polymer clay ring dish for my friend who is getting married soon, and it has her future name in it!  I love giving little dainty dishes when my friends get engaged so they have a cute, and safe, spot to place their rings if they need to take it off (showers, doing dishes, etc)

So my normal supplies: A wine bottle (because I do not own a rolling pin), a cheese board (because I have no adult cutting board), an x-acto knife (because I have very few priorities in life), a block of polymer clay (used one small block to make the dish), a stamp kit (the only reason I wanted to do this), and a few oven-safe glass bowls.

So I rolled the polymer clay into a ball, as seen above, and flattened it out with the wine bottle rolling pin

I chose the oven-safe bowl that would help the dish keep its curved shape.  I used Pyrex here and pressed the top down to cut the dough.

I cleaned up the edges a little bit with an x-acto knife.

You want to make sure that the actually flattened dough needs to be larger than the opening of the bowl, since it needs to sit on the edges and curve slightly in.

I had a cute Martha Stewart stamping kit that had tons of letters to set and a little contraption that holds the letters together.

Unfortunately, I did not apply even pressure to the stamp, so the word didn’t come out so pretty but I didn’t want to risk the dreaded double-stamp and have to start over, so this is how it ended up getting baked.

I love seeing people make other polymer clay ring dishes.  I’ve seen using multiple colored clays rolled together so that it creates a marble effect, so this may just have to be another project for another day!


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