Make-up Monday 1/11: Multi-Masking

So for this make-up Monday, I wanted to share something that I saw blow up on the internet, and especially Pinterest.  Of course, multi-masking is using different types of masks to treat different needs of your face.  I followed the guidelines that The Beauty Department set out and I just went scrambling for the different types of masks I have amassed throughout the years.  Products used were a Perfectly Posh Drop Dead Gorgeous renewing Dead Sea Mud Mask, Botanics clay mask, and a Malin + Goetz foaming detox mask.

The Botanics clay mask is a deep pore cleansing mask, so that definitely went on my T-Zone.  

I used the Drop Dead Gorgeous mask as my energizing mask on my cheeks because it is super tingly and feels good on my cheeks.

It’s actually super tingly at first, like in a bad way, then it becomes like a good tingly later.  It was pretty worrisome at first, but then it just feels refreshing!

Lastly, the foaming mask is on, and it’s probably one of my favorite things to watch.

It just bubbles over your face! And it just gets bigger and bigger….Like not the same worrisome that the renewing mask does, but it’s a pretty weird thing to see your face swell over like that.

Review: this method isn’t really quite ground breaking.  For someone who has a combination skin type, it makes sense to do different types of masks.  To be honest, it really just depends on the products that you use.  I actually got a ton oilier in my T-zone despite using a pore cleansing mask, and the foaming mask really doesn’t do anything for me.  This trend definitely got too much hype.


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