Make Up Monday: 1/18

Recently, I have gotten really into lip scrubs.  With the blustery wind drying out my lips, I am ending up with ridiculously chapped lips.  This did not bode well for these matte creme lipsticks I was buying every time I set foot inside the store!  I got many types of lip scrubs (ELF, philosophy, Glam Glow), but I feel like I constantly have to use them and boy does that add up!img_1532

Ingredients in my lip scrub were: Brown sugar, obviously (you can mix it with white sugar too), honey, Vitamin E oil, and coconut oil.  No, there were no Altoids in this recipe–I wanted to use an empty container to hold my scrub and the Altoid one looked super cute. img_1533

So I eyeballed the ingredients as desired to make an extremely thick paste.  I placed it in the container–and that was a horrid idea.  It was a great idea for a little bit, but little by little, the two types of oils didn’t mix well and would constantly leak out of the container!img_2193

So. I had to transfer all the contents to this mini mason jar I found at the dollar section at Target.  This turned out great as it has this great chalkboard label on it and it looked a little bit more homemade.


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