Color of the Month: January

I really intended to have this month’s Color of the Month be this ridiculous disco-ball gel color that I was rocking New Years Eve.  In an email from one of our good friends who works at the University of Alabama, the National Championships are nigh.  So in honor of Monday’s National Championship game, I salute our friends in Tuscaloosa. 

But WHY KATHY? Why do you support Nick Satan?  Why don’t you show love for Clemson, you went to an ACC school, after all!  Well, like I said, we have close friends who are employed by the athletic department at BAMA, so here I am.

For this lovely Crimson and houndstooth look, I used Essie’s Rock the Croc, which is so old I don’t even know if it’s available anymore.  I then used these SUPER old Sally Hansen nail wraps in this houndstooth print. Like I am very sure this is old because I bought it a few years ago when I first started couponing on clearance.

For those of you smart cookies out there who are very observant and deductive, the answer is YES! I have been saving these nail wraps for when Alabama plays in a meaningful game that is not against the Hokies.  I guess it’s been that long, St. Nick.

See you all Monday night, and of course Tuesday morning when I eat my words.  Peace sign emoji.


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