Daily Dose 1/8

The first week back is like literally the worst.  It appears that my co-workers caught the bug that had been going around and were thoughtful enough to share it with me.  Being one of the youngest at work, my immune system allowed me to be the most functioning person.  So while we dropped like flies at the office, I got to pick up the slack.

My original intention for Daily Dose was to share my daily musings of the week.  Mostly I am just haphazardly scrolling through my iPhone photos from the past week and post the funny ones.  I am going to be trying to pick one picture from each day that makes me happy.  They will most likely be Sunday through Thursday posts, seeing as how this post goes up on Fridays.

Sunday: Went to a new Vietnamese restaurant and it was super cute and super yummy

Monday: My cousin got me a coloring desk calendar, which combined the two things I wanted most for Christmas: a coloring book and a desk calendar.

Tuesday:  My co-worker cold kicked in and this coffee {and this mug-gle} made my life better.

Wednesday: If you don’t have a Tervis from your alma mater, did you even go there?



Thursday: Probably one of the more exciting things that have happened to me.

So excuse me while I spend this weekend in a Nyquil-induced coma. I hope you all have a fun weekend!





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