What I Wore: Capsule Wardrobe

This past fall, I started reading about Capsule Wardrobes everywhere.  It was also seen on the Today show, which is where I first heard of it.  The concept is that you have 30-40 basic pieces, and that is all you wear for three months, or for an entire season.  Honestly, I quite love this idea, because there really are only a few pieces in my closet that I absolutely love and could wear over and over.  This concept allows you to re-wear the same clothing in different combinations.


After a bit of research, I settled for someone else’s method, where she used 37 pieces.  Although she had a few more shoes and a few more bottoms that I used, I swapped those counts in for my tops.  Gotta have more variety in my tops!



I had 2 pairs of jeans, 2 skirts, and five pairs of dress pants for work:


For my tops, I had 2 basic tees, 2 blouses, 2 dressy tops, 2 cardigans, and 7 sweaters.  Sure, 7 sweaters sounds excessive but it’s fall.  It’s getting cold (or so I thought, said 70-degree Christmas Day)img_1455

My three dresses I chose were a sweater dress, a thicker business casual dress, and a business dress to wear under a blazer:


For outerwear, I had my thick barn coat (not pictured), my herringbone vest, and a light sweatshirt-material motorcycle jacket.  I was really afraid that it would get too cold towards the end of the season for me to wear the vest and the jacket, but mother nature did favor my choices:


Picking out shoes for Fall was a lot of fun.  Of course, riding boots and Bean boots were going to be the g0-to picks on the weekends.  for work days, I chose neutral and pseudo-netural flats and heels.  Yes, Leopard is a neutral.

img_1461To avoid any confusion (or temptation), I separated a tiny sliver of my closet to only house my capsule wardrobe.  All the tops were on top and the dresses and bottoms were on the bottom.  The chosen shoes were located right next to the pants.


Of course my collection did not include accessories or camisoles that may be needed under thinner clothing.  I also did not include clothing for special events like Thanksgiving, my high school reunion, or Christmas.  Obviously pajamas and workout clothing (a huge loophole) did not count.

I just picked out my selection for the winter (January through March) and I can’t wait to share my picks and my favorite outfits when I’m done!


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