Make Up Monday: 1/4

Happy New Year! Unfortunately it’s the beginning of the work week and after having 2 three-day weeks in a row, facing a full work week with no vacation in sight is absolutely daunting.

Part of my New Year’s Resolutions is to wear more make up.  I feel like I tell myself this every year.  I just have so much make up that I really need to wear it all just to at least get rid of it.  However, I just keep buying more.

One of the purchases I made in 2014 was this ELF blush palette.  I saw it in the ELF Studio Store in Manhattan and I just had to have it.

Of course I kept it around for a year or so and didn’t touch it.  I later took it to Florida with me as part of my business trip make up and I just fell in love with it.  I got the light palette, because hello pale and pasty.

I think the color is perfect for my skin tone, even the hot pink color.  When I feel like experimenting, it doesn’t even look too crazy.  For some people that aspect is not enticing.  For business-bitch me, that is exactly what I need: a wide range of color that isn’t too crazy.  A wide range that is usable and something I can use up and toss when I’m done.  I think the dark palette would be the one I have the most trouble with because the colors are quite bold, but light is just right for my skin tone.


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