Sunday Smiles 11/8

Happy Sunday!  I really wanted to get this series off and kicking again.  Hopefully I stick to it!  I read a lot of random news articles and listicles at work, but can never remember to post them come Sunday morning.

  1.  I drive on the absolute worst interstate every day to and from work. Thankfully, it is in the opposite direction of the normal traffic and butt early in the morning so I avoid this craziness.  But there are days where it’s infuriating.
  2. Last week, Frank Beamer announced he will be retiring at the end of this season.  I am irrationally emotional about this.  To send Beamer off in style, students and alumni are banning together for #GAMEDAY4FRANK for his last home game.
  3. Sick of seeing that secret sister gift exchange? Apparently it is illegal.  Does anyone else remember the panty exchange and how ridiculous that was?
  4. Apparently now you can order the Home Alone pizza via UberEats.  I guess aside from a personal pan cheese pizza, all you get is a commemorative box?  I don’t know.  I like my Pizza Hut Personal Pan.  Side note: what is UberEats?!
  5. The Buzzfeed Tasty page somehow always made it on my newsfeed.  In an effort to not miss any sped-up delectable recipes, I liked the page.  It does not disappoint.

Fingers crossed that I can keep this going!  In any case, have a great week!


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