Monogram of the Month: November

I love November.  Not because I am a super basic girl (they prefer October), but because it is birthday month!  My birthday is just two short weeks away, and I, literally, just forgot how old I was turning.  WHEW!  Maybe that is a good thing.  Medically, no, but emotionally, yes.


Enough of that nonsense.  In September, I had gotten sucked into the Memento Mystery Box craze!  They had both a Game Day box, as well as a “Tanks are my cup of tea” box.  Neither disappointed.  

All of my little treats were in my favorite colors, so it felt super personalized.  I went to the #GIRLBOSS option because, that’s exactly what I am.  This was such a sweet little surprise I had gotten myself, which means I kicked off birthday month about two months early.  Not ashamed.  Not ashamed at all.

The tanks box had, of course, a tank top that basically describes my working mentality.  The Ashley Brooke Designs mug was absolute perfection.  And if anyone knows me, I could always use a make up bag.  I either use it to actually store makeup, my own mini first aid kit, or just as a pencil bag.

The Memento Mystery Box goes up on the 15th of every month.  Sometimes the themes are announced a few days ahead of time.  I definitely set my alarm on the 15th to get both boxes, and you should too!


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