Daily Dose 11/6

Well, here I am again.  I haven’t posted in almost a month mainly because my work-life balance just got completely off course.   A couple years ago, when I was on rotations, I made November “me month” just because it was also birthday month and it made me reflect on my life, what I had accomplished in the last year, and what I wish to accomplish in the following year.  I definitely need that again.


Working from home today, I am getting a good jump-start on blogging again, finding good content, and incorporating more professional advice and #bosslady type things.  I also have been working on several projects that I wanted to share with you.  I initiated a lot of projects since the summer began, and I am finally seeing some success from it, so that was part of the reason I took a brief pause in blogging–I had nothing to write that was complete or concise.


That being said, we are going to go back to regularly-scheduled blogging and checking out some of my highlights from the last week:

The legendary 8-foot Costco Teddy Bear that has set the internet ablaze.

First week of November is the best because of all the marked-down Halloween things.  My boyfriend finally got in the spirit because of the thousands of boxes of Count Chocula that was left over.

Like I said, it’s birthday month, so my office has the cutest ways of celebrating all the November birthday babies!

November also means breaking out my Alice + Olivia mug and that I get to match the mug


This is what my family did for Halloween.  It was a huge hit with the trick-or-treaters, as well as the parents


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