Sunday Smiles 11/22

Oh hey guys.  Remember that time I was super gung-ho about blogging again? Well, my hard drive crashed and I lost everything (insert comment about how much I hate Carrie Bradshaw and the episode where she lost everything) and then I had to have emergency surgery the day after.  It’s been a rough couple of weeks, and an expensive one at that.

Friday was my birthday (as my best friend so eloquently put it, I’m twenty-great!) and it was just filled with so much love celebration that it really did bring a smile to my face.  Some birthday cake was an amazing break from my all-soup diet and I’m starting up with solid foods again.

During my rest period, I did find some real gems across the inter webs:

  1. Yesterday was Frank Beamer’s last home game at Virginia Tech.  He’s been the head coach since before I was born.  It’s the end of an amazing era and all of his former student athletes had something to say about it. 
  2. U.S. Marshals seized a wedding dress boutique because the owner had some shady dealings.  All brides who ordered a dress will be getting theirs.  All remaining inventory are being sold at a deep discount. Upon googling a link to post, this apparently happens a lot.
  3. Buzzfeed compiled a list of what you get for $1000 rent around the country.  As someone who pays well over that much for a one-bedroom 20 miles outside of DC, this was a rather interesting list.  Although some of the posts are misleading (what it costs to rent ONE bedroom in a house), it makes me want to move to Birmingham, AL really bad.
  4. Kate Middleton and Prince William went rock climbing.  Is there anything she does where she doesn’t look fab?
  5. Studies have shown that girls with nagging mothers tend to be more successful.  This is 100% true for me, but I could never give my mom that credit.  She would hold it over me forever.

Sunday Smiles 11/8

Happy Sunday!  I really wanted to get this series off and kicking again.  Hopefully I stick to it!  I read a lot of random news articles and listicles at work, but can never remember to post them come Sunday morning.

  1.  I drive on the absolute worst interstate every day to and from work. Thankfully, it is in the opposite direction of the normal traffic and butt early in the morning so I avoid this craziness.  But there are days where it’s infuriating.
  2. Last week, Frank Beamer announced he will be retiring at the end of this season.  I am irrationally emotional about this.  To send Beamer off in style, students and alumni are banning together for #GAMEDAY4FRANK for his last home game.
  3. Sick of seeing that secret sister gift exchange? Apparently it is illegal.  Does anyone else remember the panty exchange and how ridiculous that was?
  4. Apparently now you can order the Home Alone pizza via UberEats.  I guess aside from a personal pan cheese pizza, all you get is a commemorative box?  I don’t know.  I like my Pizza Hut Personal Pan.  Side note: what is UberEats?!
  5. The Buzzfeed Tasty page somehow always made it on my newsfeed.  In an effort to not miss any sped-up delectable recipes, I liked the page.  It does not disappoint.

Fingers crossed that I can keep this going!  In any case, have a great week!

Monogram of the Month: November

I love November.  Not because I am a super basic girl (they prefer October), but because it is birthday month!  My birthday is just two short weeks away, and I, literally, just forgot how old I was turning.  WHEW!  Maybe that is a good thing.  Medically, no, but emotionally, yes.


Enough of that nonsense.  In September, I had gotten sucked into the Memento Mystery Box craze!  They had both a Game Day box, as well as a “Tanks are my cup of tea” box.  Neither disappointed.  

All of my little treats were in my favorite colors, so it felt super personalized.  I went to the #GIRLBOSS option because, that’s exactly what I am.  This was such a sweet little surprise I had gotten myself, which means I kicked off birthday month about two months early.  Not ashamed.  Not ashamed at all.

The tanks box had, of course, a tank top that basically describes my working mentality.  The Ashley Brooke Designs mug was absolute perfection.  And if anyone knows me, I could always use a make up bag.  I either use it to actually store makeup, my own mini first aid kit, or just as a pencil bag.

The Memento Mystery Box goes up on the 15th of every month.  Sometimes the themes are announced a few days ahead of time.  I definitely set my alarm on the 15th to get both boxes, and you should too!

Daily Dose 11/6

Well, here I am again.  I haven’t posted in almost a month mainly because my work-life balance just got completely off course.   A couple years ago, when I was on rotations, I made November “me month” just because it was also birthday month and it made me reflect on my life, what I had accomplished in the last year, and what I wish to accomplish in the following year.  I definitely need that again.


Working from home today, I am getting a good jump-start on blogging again, finding good content, and incorporating more professional advice and #bosslady type things.  I also have been working on several projects that I wanted to share with you.  I initiated a lot of projects since the summer began, and I am finally seeing some success from it, so that was part of the reason I took a brief pause in blogging–I had nothing to write that was complete or concise.


That being said, we are going to go back to regularly-scheduled blogging and checking out some of my highlights from the last week:

The legendary 8-foot Costco Teddy Bear that has set the internet ablaze.

First week of November is the best because of all the marked-down Halloween things.  My boyfriend finally got in the spirit because of the thousands of boxes of Count Chocula that was left over.

Like I said, it’s birthday month, so my office has the cutest ways of celebrating all the November birthday babies!

November also means breaking out my Alice + Olivia mug and that I get to match the mug


This is what my family did for Halloween.  It was a huge hit with the trick-or-treaters, as well as the parents