Color of the Month: October

OK total disclaimer guys—This month’s color is going to need a total fail whale.  The actually color itself is awesome and a great party trick.  HOWEVER…taking pictures of it is just not working out.

Kathy, how on earth does taking pictures of Nail Polish not work out? Well….WHEN IT’S GLOW IN THE DARK NAIL POLISH.   Your eyes do not deceive you.  I got super carried away at Target and got some Sinful Colors glow in the dark polish.  It actually turned out really awesome, however iPhone cameras do not like to pick up on glow in the dark things.  You know what else doesn’t work? turning your flash on because then you see nothing but bare finger nails.
  You can see two glowing nails in the upper right quadrant of this picture.  And three nails in the upper left quadrant of this picture.  Oh well, I tried.  This is actually a great little thing to have for halloween.  During the day, it just looks like a clear topcoat, so it remains super professional.  When it’s halloween night and I somehow manage to find myself in a dark room (again), I can at least find my hand because of my glow in the dark nail polish.

Pictures aside, this actually is a really cool nail polish and I definitely recommend it.  Use two-three layers!


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