Make Up Monday: 10/5

Alas, I have hit another beauty wall.  Basically this only happens when I am working the early shift at work.  I don’t get to do a good make up job at home, so I end up throwing on some make up from my emergency bag at work.  Lemme tell you, my best products are not in there.

Once I get home, it’s not all rainbows and daisies either.  When I have my early week, I end up doing all my errands after work.  Before I know it, it’s bed time, and my face needs some cleaning, and fast, because home girl has to go to work early tomorrow.  It really is just a vicious cycle.  I picked up this pack of cleansing towelettes at a Walgreens in Oxford, MS.  Because I went on a business trip and forgot my entire make up bag and I had to buy everything at full price, without a Walgreens card.  If you know me, you know how much that makes me cringe.

These have come in so handy in the pinchiest of pinches.  Whether I’m working late or having to stay the night at a friend’s house, I have definitely thanked the Lord I never took this out of my bag after my trip!


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