Monogram of the Month: October

School is in full-swing, which means pharmacy winter is here.  Pharmacy winter is a seasonal phenomenon that begins when school starts until, approximately, Easter.  The math isn’t exact, but it is a strong guestimation.  With pharmacy winter, I used to have to over stock on Epi-Pens, asthma inhalers, and give out well over 30 flu shots daily.

Obviously that has changed with the job changes.  It still doesn’t stop me from having sympathy pains for my friends and colleagues still on the front lines.  No matter what the a day brings, a staple in our lives during pharmacy winter has been hand sanitizer.  Indeed I brought my own little jar to my desk at work.  Because I learned that people in offices are just as, if not more, disgusting as people who come into the pharmacy.  You guessed it, I somehow monogrammed my jar of hand sanitizer.  I peeled off the label that comes on the plastic jar.  Clearly, the jar had some rough and tumble moments and there is an embarrassing amount of lint on the jar where the adhesive used to be.  I grabbed my trusty bottle of Goo Gone (literally the best thing ever and it was $1 at Target) and rubbed off all the stickies.
I then McGyvered the hell out of and squeezed some of the sanitizer itself into my hand so I can clean the bottle.  Remember, it’s alcohol based!For whatever, reason, I always have a metallic sharpie around, so I began free-handing my monogram onto the front of the plastic bottle.  I always start with my last name in the middle and then somehow eyeball my first and middle initials .

Not too shabby! After free-handing the monogram a couple dozen times on various items of office and school supplies, I got the hang of it.  Voila, you’re a monogram master!


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