WIW: New Business Casual

My current and my last job had a very relaxed business casual dress code.  Well I guess my good ole CVS days were also business casual, but I think I was too stressed out to think so.  Apparently the new thing is just to have a completely casual office.  I’m sorry, I’m still in a professional field, so no jeans at the office for me.

Apparently, the casual trend has gone so far, that it has eliminated the need for casual Fridays.  Instead, offices are instituting “Formal Friday” so they have a reason to dress up.  Still, not something my office believes in.  Mixing the two, my normal work clothes is a strong mix of the two:

new biz casual


I like to party with the PacSun black pants.  Apparently they are jeans.  They are not made of denim, but apparently they are jeans.  Since I don’t think they are jeans, I feel like I can get away with wearing them at work.  I do dress up the rest of the outfit with a relaxed tailored shirt and some dressy flats and simple dainty jewelry.


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