A Basket of Babies

My friends are having kids.  On purpose.  It’s like the strangest thing ever.  I am no where near responsible enough to have a kid.  I can’t even give a gift right.  Thank goodness for baby registries, because I have not the slightest idea what a newborn would need.  That being said, I LOVE to buy tiny little presents and make a huge gift out of it!  Since I can’t ball out with a stroller off the bat, I like to do it more affordable and put it in some presentation.  Thus, the baby basket!  Not to be confused with….



Ok, so let’s start with the goodies.  I start with a common theme.  Home girl went balls to the wall on bath toys, so I scooped those up and put in a usable container.  It’s so key that the container for a “basket” be something usable.  Since I went with bath toys, I would have preferred to put everything in a baby bath tub, but someone already got it for her.  I then opted for a plastic tub that would be able to house all of toys I picked up for the little guy. The most favorite thing that my boyfriend loves about wrapping presents is that he gets to use the shrink wrap.  WE LOVE SHRINK WRAP!  It gives any gift basket the most professional look.  We bought the whole roll rather than the individual bags because we do this thing a lot.
  So…it shrinks when heat is applied.  I’ve never seen a man handle a blow dryer so well!  Watch it closely because that thing works FAST! In our case we had to be super careful because we did have cardboard and sharp edges in there that could possibly puncture the wrapping.
Instead of a card, Momma asked us to bring a children’s book (genius! I am going to be doing it from now on!).  I wrote a sweet message to baby and something for mom and dad.   

The basket was definitely a hit!  Also, how much fun is it to find a children’s book! It brought back so many old memories of when I started reading.


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