Duck Donuts

Y’all, an OBX favorite has landed right on my door step.  That is correct, Duck Donuts is now in Fairfax.  I can’t even.  Ok, so Duck Donuts has actually been in the area for a while, just not in a location that is particularly convenient to me.  Now that it is not more than 10 minutes away from the house, we find ourselves there ALL THE TIME.  Also, I keep finding a dozen lying around the office since some coworkers have also discovered its deliciousness and its proximity. All donuts are made to order.  So you don’t really run out. It’s all the same base and you choose the glaze and the topping.  Basically, you can always get your favorite donut.  One really yucky morning, this maple glaze and bacon bit donut REALLY hit the spot.

The other glaze flavors area also bomb dot come.  My favorite is the orange, plain, and the lemon with coconut shavings.  The BF enjoys just plain, regular glaze, and cinnamon sugar.  Literally so good when you pop them in the microwave.  It tastes like it just came out of the fryer!


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