Disney Conference

Towards the end of July, I attended a convention for my Pharmacy Fraternity.  I have been to two other ones before, but this one was particularly exhausting.  This was my first convention serving on Grand Council, so I was busy running around all crazy and making sure the entire convention ran smoothly.  If there ever were a time I needed sedatives, it would be at convention.  Spoiler alert: I was re-elected to serve on Grand Council once again.  It was great fun seeing collegiate members from all over the country, so all the stress and work was well worth it.  Just wanted to share some snaps from my trip: After a rather painful flight and another painful two hours waiting for some other council members to arrive so we can share a cab, this little set up from our host hotel was pretty fantastic: wine and all my favorite little snacks
We went out to dinner at Portabello’s in Downtown Disney.  On the way there, we ran into some Alumni and Past Presidents.  It’s always good to see some familiar faces when you’re out and about and exploring.     Before our kick-off session, I had to get myself some sparkly Mouse Ears.  Of course I had to be known as the fun council member!  We were in Disney, after all!We had a fantastic view from of Downtown Disney from our hotel, the Buena Vista Palace, but I just wish there was not so much construction going on. High hopes…
  When you gather a bunch of pharmacists and student pharmacists together…the Mortar and Pestles are plenty.  Hence, the namesake of this blog. We had an AMAZING talk from T.J. Sullivan about managing the middle and motivating people in your organizations.  What can you say? I’m a top-third.  I even have a monogrammed binder to prove it.  He’s actually an amazing campus speaker.
  We also hosted a dessert social at Epcot and to watch fireworks.  This is actually the first time I had ever been to Epcot.  My family are more Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios types.   Just taking in the sights at the “Italy” portion of Epcot. This is definitely the adult-friendly portion of Disney and as an adult, I am ever so thankful!
I stopped into a little shop to get a lovely glass of peach prosecco–it was so delicious and I am kicking myself for not bringing it home!     Grand Illumination at Epcot was a pretty unique experience.  Getting a patio all to ourselves in front of the fireworks was pretty cute and we had tons of desserts including Mickey-shaped rice crispies that I may or may not have stuffed into my purse.
    Yes. Mickey everything.  I loved the guy walking around handing out the Mickey ice cream bars.  I am actually a huge fan of all the things they can turn into Mickey.
The banquet is always one of my favorite things about our convention.  Also, because the banquet dinner is always banging.   As you an tell, I literally ate half my food before I could remember to take a picture. Absolutely exhausted, but the end of the banquet means the end of convention.  Pinned with a boutonniere to symbolize new Grand Council member, and ready to go to bed!  It sure didn’t seem like I was there for a week, but man was I ready to go home by the end of this!
 Just kidding, we headed back to Downtown Disney for one more goodbye treat: a Ghiradelli fudge brownie sundae.  Absolutely worth all the hype.

I hope you enjoyed my snaps! I feel like I’ve been to Disney like a million times in the past year, but really it was just twice.  I hope that, soon, I can finally go and enjoy the parks rather than staying in a meeting room.  Of course, the BF is down for Disney any time!


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