Daily Dose 9/18

Another week has come and gone and I find myself needing a better work-life balance.  There are some weeks where I feel like the only person I’ve talked to are my patients and my dogs.  This was one of those weeks and I need to get myself out of a run.  Somehow, I managed to stop and capture these moments:

Health care providers are the worst at medication adherence.  I need to do these with my vitamins.  No shame.
  This is the best thing ever! I remember this song coming out my senior year of high school.  No exactly 10 years later, this is my theme song.
  Speaking of throwback, there is an app where I can play Snake like its my 2002 Nokia phone.  Complete with the little chirp each time you eat the egg!  We’ve been meal prepping this week, dinners included.  It is SO easy just to flip your food out of those containers and just heating up a sweet potato!

Have a great weekend!


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