Tay Tay

I don’t know about you, but I was definitely feeling 22 at the Taylor Swift concert on July 13. although all this awesomeness happened literally 2 months ago, I am still reveling in the amazing videos I had taken on my phone.   My boyfriend thought sending me off to the concert would take all the 1989 jams out of my system.  It definitely did not do that.  Although there were some showers before the show started, it was a pretty good show.  Not the best day of my life (Backstreet Boys takes the cake), but it was still a great show.   I love any excuse to go to Nats Park! I was so excited that the show was at Nats Park, just because I love the Nationals.  Should Taylor have rocked a Bryce Harper jersey? Yes.
I don’t know who Shawn Mendes is, or Vance Joy and Haim for that matter.  The opening acts took a while.  Taylor didn’t even take the stage until almost 9:30.  That is WAY past my bedtime.     Coolest dad ever: his shirt says Lonely Starbucks Lovers.  There were a surprising amount of middle aged men there not with anyone but themselves.  Worrisome? A little.
  Everyone had such unique posters and signs.  Kinda wish I had brought one now that I think about it.  These girls in front of me had a pretty sweet set up. Tay finally took the stage with “Welcome to New York” and, as y’all know, that is my JAM!  If you followed along with me during my Gymstagram journey
AND THEN LORDE CAME OUT! I know Taylor likes to bring a special guest to all her concerts and I am SOOO happy that Lorde came to ours.  She performed “Royals” and was outstanding live!    I absolutely loved these LED bracelets that everyone got.  It got synced to the music at the concert and really added a great effect (see below).  My BFF and I thought this was hilarious because exactly two years prior, it was her bachelorette party and we had a glow in the dark “Safe Haven” pact.  It was basically renewed that night.
 Loved seeing everyone glow!  It was a shame that we had to leave the concert early and missed “Shake it Off”, but the Metro closes at midnight and that concert was long and drawn out since she decided not to perform until late in the evening.  It was a great experience and I needed to call in sick the next day (I didn’t but I needed to).


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