Make Up Monday: 9/14

Every time I do a makeup haul, a little piece of my soul cries.  I really did try hard to stop buying make up for a year.  BUT ALL THE DEALS! Plus for this haul, it is my second ELF Studio store haul.   YUP! I went to New York and the first thing I did was beg to go to the ELF store.  Yes, I know you can get it at Target.  Yes, I know it’s online.  But, nothing beats the ability to try things (the entire collection, actually) in store and getting it right away!

I went a little balls crazy, but here is everything I got!

Milk and Honey Lotion wipes– smell excellent, quick lotion application, and TSA friendly for moisturizing.

Mad for Matte eye shadow palette-I’m obsessed with matte shadows and this is basically a matte version of the Naked palettes.

Blemish Control face primer– I have been having an odd amount of breakouts.  Hormones are definitely out of control and and hopefully this will help with keeping my make up in tact too.

HD Mattifying Balm I love the HD mattifying powder.  I am hoping this balm is a lot like, and a dupe for, the Mally Poreless Face Defender.

Soothing Serum– I am PUMPED for their skin care line.  I am THAT person who always “skin care” when they ask you, “what else do you want to see from ELF?”

Illuminating Eye Cream– Also pumped for this.  Momma loves a good eye cream.

Nourishing Night Cream– Slathering thick creams on my face before going to bed is a hobby of mine.  That was not supposed to sound as dirty as it did.

Ultimate Blending Brush– I bought this because it felt much softer than my Cargo Magic Brush, and actually does quite the job blending.  I use it on days I’m too lazy to do the beauty blender routine.

Blending Brush–Part of their Beautifully Bare line, but I like this fan brush style more for highlighting and contouring.

Ultimate Kabuki Brush–a knock off of the Becca One Perfecting Brush.  The premise of the Becca Brush is to replace all of the brushes you own by using different angles of the brush.  This one is a little bit thicker than the Becca Brush, but it does add some versatility to my make up routine.

Beautifully Bare Lash Tint Mascara– Also part of the Beautifully Bare line, I wanted something to add just a small amount of depth to my lashes.  I already have black lashes, so it’s not something I’m super worried about.  The girl who sold it

Lock on Gel Eyeliner– so somehow between the time I bought it (July 3rd) and now, this bad boy got discontinued on the ELF website, and can be found on Amazon.  Should I just hawk it on ebay? Apparently it got some very bad reviews.

Crease Brush– Emily Noel of Beauty Broadcast raved about this brush and it certainly did not disappoint. There is a comparable version in the regular ELF line, however I am surprised they hadn’t made a studio version before.

Flat Eyeliner Brush– Another brush that I am surprised was not made before.  I love the shape of this and it is more conducive to using eye liner.

Ambient Palette–apparently this was limited edition and is now discontinued to the dismay of MANY in the make up community.  Which is kinda funny because I bought this by accident (meant to buy the Contour Palette) and people are PISSED that they didn’t get their order by mail.  THIS IS WHY I LOVE GOING TO THE STUDIO STORE.  Again, contemplating put it on ebay now, but I love make up too much to part with it, especially if it is in high demand and I have it in my sweaty little paws.

Bonus: When I was gathering items, I thought I had gotten the Blush Palette there.  False. I had gotten this during my FIRST trip.  Oops!


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