Eclair Cake

So little known secret about my family and Labor Day Weekend: It’s like everyone’s birthday.  Today is my sister’s birthday.  Yesterday was my cousin’s birthday.  The day before was my other cousin’s birthday.  And the First of September was another cousin’s birthday.

Our Labor Day BBQ has always been a huge birthday party, so we like our cakes.  Disclaimer: the cake I’m about to show you was not for any of their birthdays, but I felt it was very fitting to share a cake today.  I actually made this for a co-worker’s going-away party, and it was a huge hit.  I am always so relieved when I try a new recipe and people are all over it.  By the time I got up to get some snacks from the party, there was one measly slice left!

Thank goodness I split the recipe in half and left the other half with the boyfriend just so we can enjoy it in peace!  Also because eclairs are his favorite, and leaving him without a piece of eclair cake is just wrong. 

To Pinterset I go! I used this recipe from Mom Spark.  I would have opted to make my own chocolate ganache, since using canned icing tasted way too artificial.  However, I was standing in the middle of the grocery store and could not find the recipe for a ganache.

Like I said, HUGE HIT! Super easy, not more than 30 minutes of prep time–and most of it consisted of figuring out how to lay the graham crackers evenly on the bottom of the pan. It’s no-bake, so you do have to wait for it overnight, which works best, or wait about 3 hours.  I love the way the pudding soaks into an softens the graham cracker.  It’s absolutely addicting!

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