Make Up Monday: 9/7

Happy Labor Day! Hope y’all are enjoying the last day of the pool and some sweet BBQs.  Meanwhile in pale-Kathy-land, I did not get to lay out all summer.  Sadly one of the things I miss the most about my old job is that I got random days off during the week.

My boyfriend keeps talking about that one summer where I was really tan.  Guess what sweetie, that summer I didn’t have a job and not a care in the world.  To replicate that looking I turned to Benefit Hoola bronzer (seen below as a sample) and the NARS Ita brush. 

These were definite splurges for me, but I feel like it was so worth it.  I definitely didn’t get any color this summer, but using this bronzer made me look naturally tan.  Like I got a touch of color.  I lucked out and got the Hoola Bronzer as a sample with my 500-point bonus.  It was a good size sample that I won’t tire of.


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