Daily Dose 9/4

Finally! A three day weekend! Except we just had one in July and I am pretty much diving into my photo archives for all of my blog posts.  Football is back this weekend and my Hokies are playing in Prime Time on Labor Day.  Can. Not. Wait. Here are this week’s highlights. 

Cotton candy grapes have been the JAM these past few weeks.  I am pretty sure it’s the last week for these bad boys, but man are they delicious.

The only reason I don’t weight 400 lbs is because McDonalds doesn’t serve breakfast all day.  This. Changes. Everything.   

I got an amazing (actually, two) package from Shop Memento.  Don’t forget their September Mystery Box is announced and available September 15! I may be gracefully bowing out of this one, but they added such personal touches like adding quotes to my #MCM, Bryce Harper!

Speaking of Bryce, I spent last night at a Nats game, where we won by FOURTEEN RUNS.  It’s a wonderful time to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Nat10nals! Did you see what I did there?  Lastly, I am trying out some amazing Mario Badescu skin care items I had scooped up from Black Friday (yes, the one in November of last year) and it is absolutely moisturizing and luxurious.  I’m very pleasantly surprised this $10 door buster is so amazing.

Have a safe and lovely weekend! No matter what anyone tells you, summer is not over until the autumnal equinox.


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