Salute to Summer: Floaties

It was ALL THE RAGE this summer.  Enormous and obnoxious pool floaties.  I believe Lady Taylor Swift  made it all possible with her super cute insta with Calvin Harris from People:

 Having major swan goals, I was itching to get an amazing floatie for a pool party we had this summer.  But WHERE. Where do I get an awesome  floatie on the cheeps? Sorry, but I don’t even spend $45 on clothes, I’m not spending $45 on a pool float.  THENNNN I watched Beauty Broadcast on YouTube and found out that they have amazing floaties at… FIVE BELOW! 

This amazing unicorn and the bitten donut are from Five Below.  The quality isn’t all there, and the weight limit is that for a slim 4 year old, however it was from Five Below and it did its job making a splash (pun intended) at the party.  The Shark I believe we had gotten from Amazon (Similar)

With the last week of summer coming along, here are my favorite pool floats that have been circulating the inter webs:


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