WIW: New Business Casual

My current and my last job had a very relaxed business casual dress code.  Well I guess my good ole CVS days were also business casual, but I think I was too stressed out to think so.  Apparently the new thing is just to have a completely casual office.  I’m sorry, I’m still in a professional field, so no jeans at the office for me.

Apparently, the casual trend has gone so far, that it has eliminated the need for casual Fridays.  Instead, offices are instituting “Formal Friday” so they have a reason to dress up.  Still, not something my office believes in.  Mixing the two, my normal work clothes is a strong mix of the two:

new biz casual


I like to party with the PacSun black pants.  Apparently they are jeans.  They are not made of denim, but apparently they are jeans.  Since I don’t think they are jeans, I feel like I can get away with wearing them at work.  I do dress up the rest of the outfit with a relaxed tailored shirt and some dressy flats and simple dainty jewelry.


A Basket of Babies

My friends are having kids.  On purpose.  It’s like the strangest thing ever.  I am no where near responsible enough to have a kid.  I can’t even give a gift right.  Thank goodness for baby registries, because I have not the slightest idea what a newborn would need.  That being said, I LOVE to buy tiny little presents and make a huge gift out of it!  Since I can’t ball out with a stroller off the bat, I like to do it more affordable and put it in some presentation.  Thus, the baby basket!  Not to be confused with….



Ok, so let’s start with the goodies.  I start with a common theme.  Home girl went balls to the wall on bath toys, so I scooped those up and put in a usable container.  It’s so key that the container for a “basket” be something usable.  Since I went with bath toys, I would have preferred to put everything in a baby bath tub, but someone already got it for her.  I then opted for a plastic tub that would be able to house all of toys I picked up for the little guy. The most favorite thing that my boyfriend loves about wrapping presents is that he gets to use the shrink wrap.  WE LOVE SHRINK WRAP!  It gives any gift basket the most professional look.  We bought the whole roll rather than the individual bags because we do this thing a lot.
  So…it shrinks when heat is applied.  I’ve never seen a man handle a blow dryer so well!  Watch it closely because that thing works FAST! In our case we had to be super careful because we did have cardboard and sharp edges in there that could possibly puncture the wrapping.
Instead of a card, Momma asked us to bring a children’s book (genius! I am going to be doing it from now on!).  I wrote a sweet message to baby and something for mom and dad.   

The basket was definitely a hit!  Also, how much fun is it to find a children’s book! It brought back so many old memories of when I started reading.

Make Up Monday: 9/28

It was a very sad day when I learned that the Shu Uemura eye lash curler would no longer be sold in US stores.  But how can this be? What other eyelash curler would understand the burden of my asian eyes??  The nice lady at Sephora then pointed me to a “comparable” one.  I was so skeptical.  Surprisingly, the Tarte eyelash curler works really well.  REALLY WELL.  I can’t really explain it, but it just catches every lash the right way and gives it the perfect crimp.  My biggest problem with other lash curlers is that they don’t catch every lash, and that the crimp doesn’t hold.  This one crimps it so high, that even when it doesn’t hold, the fall is gradual and will at least look normal by the end of the day.

Subscription Saturday: September

While I’m still kinda sad that I ended all subscription services, my wallet is thanking me.  Is this what being an adult is like?  Influenster is still killing it with the random and surprise boxes that I get every so often.  This box, however is a little bit different.  It’s basically for my boyfriend and I don’t hate it.  DSC00737

When we first started dating, K told me one of his biggest vices is cologne.  That man LOVES COLOGNE!  And not only does he love cologne, he loves high-end cologne.  His favorites of the moment are Cartier and Versace.  He’s more high maintenance than I am.  I love this box from Influester because it lets him decide which ones he likes without standing in Sephora for hours.

I love getting him cologne for his birthday and Christmas, so I am so excited he gets to make a rational decision for once!

Daily Dose: 9/25

This week has been super busy! Since Pope Francis came into town on Tuesday evening, Twitter has been all abuzz and I am making sure my eyes on the road are tending to all the problems a Catholic Girl might have right now.  Instead of a normal daily dose, I just wanted to share my favorite Pope-related things I found this week!  

A humble man; he needs prayers too

People. Are. Dressing. Dogs. Up. As. The. Pope.

Pope-aroni pizza, please

Pope Chocula

Hoping for the canonization of St. Arbucks, patron saint of basic bitches

Have a nice weekend!

Duck Donuts

Y’all, an OBX favorite has landed right on my door step.  That is correct, Duck Donuts is now in Fairfax.  I can’t even.  Ok, so Duck Donuts has actually been in the area for a while, just not in a location that is particularly convenient to me.  Now that it is not more than 10 minutes away from the house, we find ourselves there ALL THE TIME.  Also, I keep finding a dozen lying around the office since some coworkers have also discovered its deliciousness and its proximity. All donuts are made to order.  So you don’t really run out. It’s all the same base and you choose the glaze and the topping.  Basically, you can always get your favorite donut.  One really yucky morning, this maple glaze and bacon bit donut REALLY hit the spot.

The other glaze flavors area also bomb dot come.  My favorite is the orange, plain, and the lemon with coconut shavings.  The BF enjoys just plain, regular glaze, and cinnamon sugar.  Literally so good when you pop them in the microwave.  It tastes like it just came out of the fryer!

WIW: Brights and Jewel Tones

With today being the autumnal equinox, it is the nature of DC to remain super hot and tropical feeling until it feels the need to drop to 30 degrees.  In this odd late-summer-early-fall weather, I like to wear a bright summer color and match it with a jewel-tone cardigan.  

Per usual, I will only wear a solid color neutral pant (in this case, black) to work.  Dressing it up with my pearls and Fornash bangle, the outfit is classy and completely weather appropriate.

Disney Conference

Towards the end of July, I attended a convention for my Pharmacy Fraternity.  I have been to two other ones before, but this one was particularly exhausting.  This was my first convention serving on Grand Council, so I was busy running around all crazy and making sure the entire convention ran smoothly.  If there ever were a time I needed sedatives, it would be at convention.  Spoiler alert: I was re-elected to serve on Grand Council once again.  It was great fun seeing collegiate members from all over the country, so all the stress and work was well worth it.  Just wanted to share some snaps from my trip: After a rather painful flight and another painful two hours waiting for some other council members to arrive so we can share a cab, this little set up from our host hotel was pretty fantastic: wine and all my favorite little snacks
We went out to dinner at Portabello’s in Downtown Disney.  On the way there, we ran into some Alumni and Past Presidents.  It’s always good to see some familiar faces when you’re out and about and exploring.     Before our kick-off session, I had to get myself some sparkly Mouse Ears.  Of course I had to be known as the fun council member!  We were in Disney, after all!We had a fantastic view from of Downtown Disney from our hotel, the Buena Vista Palace, but I just wish there was not so much construction going on. High hopes…
  When you gather a bunch of pharmacists and student pharmacists together…the Mortar and Pestles are plenty.  Hence, the namesake of this blog. We had an AMAZING talk from T.J. Sullivan about managing the middle and motivating people in your organizations.  What can you say? I’m a top-third.  I even have a monogrammed binder to prove it.  He’s actually an amazing campus speaker.
  We also hosted a dessert social at Epcot and to watch fireworks.  This is actually the first time I had ever been to Epcot.  My family are more Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios types.   Just taking in the sights at the “Italy” portion of Epcot. This is definitely the adult-friendly portion of Disney and as an adult, I am ever so thankful!
I stopped into a little shop to get a lovely glass of peach prosecco–it was so delicious and I am kicking myself for not bringing it home!     Grand Illumination at Epcot was a pretty unique experience.  Getting a patio all to ourselves in front of the fireworks was pretty cute and we had tons of desserts including Mickey-shaped rice crispies that I may or may not have stuffed into my purse.
    Yes. Mickey everything.  I loved the guy walking around handing out the Mickey ice cream bars.  I am actually a huge fan of all the things they can turn into Mickey.
The banquet is always one of my favorite things about our convention.  Also, because the banquet dinner is always banging.   As you an tell, I literally ate half my food before I could remember to take a picture. Absolutely exhausted, but the end of the banquet means the end of convention.  Pinned with a boutonniere to symbolize new Grand Council member, and ready to go to bed!  It sure didn’t seem like I was there for a week, but man was I ready to go home by the end of this!
 Just kidding, we headed back to Downtown Disney for one more goodbye treat: a Ghiradelli fudge brownie sundae.  Absolutely worth all the hype.

I hope you enjoyed my snaps! I feel like I’ve been to Disney like a million times in the past year, but really it was just twice.  I hope that, soon, I can finally go and enjoy the parks rather than staying in a meeting room.  Of course, the BF is down for Disney any time!

Make Up Monday: 9/21

This summer, my skin has been wanting something light-feeling as a foundation.  I have not had that much luck with BB Cream, so I did not opt for that.  I still need something with some decent coverage and blendability.  Revlon Nearly Naked is pretty awesome.  If it can give me skin like Emma Stone, I’m down.  I really did not like this at first for whatever reason, but continued use and building up the coverage did help me get used to it.  I like brush application better than beauty blender application.  For summer, it’s nice and light.  Now that we are transitioning into fall, I would definitely opt for my thicker foundations.

Book of the Month: September

Ok, this is the pinnacle of me being #basic right now, but I finally got around to reading Eat, Pray, Love which I literally purchased probably…four years ago.  When I had bought it, I was still in Pharmacy School and was in the mood to become more worldly.  Also, I was also in a phase where I wanted to read no textbooks and only books that made me happy.  Obviously that does not work when you are in a rigorous doctoral program.

After unpacking all my stuff from school, I have been keeping this book on my bookshelf, collecting dust.  In an effort to re-invigorate myself (also I ran out of money on my iTunes gift card, and had no more books on my iPad), I picked this book off my bookshelf prior to a bubble bath.

I kinda avoided this book for a while because it was just too main stream.  It is such a basic girl book that I kinda felt judge for even having it.  However, the introduction itself already wrapped me in.  It had a structure that not only worked for the book, but it had a prayer-like format.  It was further divided into the countries she visited.  I can’t divulge too much, but it was a book of finding your inner self, rather than a book of conversion.

I got my social media start running the @CatholicGrlProb twitter account.  It is still something that I hold personally (who is ready for the Pope’s visit??).  In a discussion with my co-worker the other day, why can’t people be more than one religion?  I don’t mean mixing Catholicism with Judaism.  I mean why can’t we be both Christian and Buddhist.  My dad’s side of the family is Buddhist, and in learning about it during my high school religion class (yes, in Catholic School, they do teach you about other religions), the Eastern religions are more of a way of life rather than about a deity.

Anyways, this book puts a lot of things into perspective.  It’s about finding out what is important and what is not.  In addition, the bookmark I’m using was from the same co-worker, when she went to Turkey.  Another symbol about ow the smallest things can be so beautiful and bring you joy.