Make Up Monday: 8/31

Summer is drawing to a close.  I mean seriously, where did it even go? I took some pretty look breaks from the blog this summer just to let myself be me.  It seems way more time had passed than I had expected, so I wanted to give one last salute to summer this week, as Labor Day is nigh.

At the very beginning of the summer, Sephora sent me a 20% coupon to help me maintain my Rouge status (#noshame).  I was still on a bit of a penny pinching mode, so I didn’t go all crazy.  I also was not in the greatest mood for make up, so I got some little summer-ready treats. IMG_0278

  1. NARS Ita brush ($55): holy grail alert! I heard so many things about this brush for contouring, and by the time lil ole me got wind of it, I was told it was getting discontinued.  THEN I saw it at the store, and THEN I got this coupon, so I splurged on it.  It’s a pricy one, but it was on sale, so ya know…
  2. Beauty Blender Solid Soap ($16): I was out.  It’s on sale.  I needed it.
  3. Sephora Kiss Me Balm ($8): I got Creme Brûlée (clear) and Peach Melba (coral).  I fell in love with the Soda Pop version and it is like 100x more hydrating than the EOS, and I love the gloss and color that this comes as.
  4. Sephora Dry Clean Solid Brush Cleanser ($14) I also needed a little soap item for my brushes. Yes, I do reserve my Beauty Blender solid just for my beauty blender…. However, the Sephora solid does come with a little rubber pad with which I can rub my brushes against and get out the little bits of foundation that are stuck  deep in these depths.
  5. First Aid Beauty Cream Intense Hydration ($6.50-30) I actually used my 100 points to get this sample.  I heard so much about it and have really wanted to try it, but with so many moisturizers at home in enormous Costco-sized containers, I couldn’t justify spending the money without trying it out first.

Even though summer is ending, I must say, these bad boys got me through the summer nicely.  Clean brushes, gently-contoured face, moisturized lips, moisturized face, full on adulting occurred this summer.



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