Decorating with L4T

Four months later.  Many strenuous and uneven trades later.  I finally got those gosh darn Lilly Pulitzer for Target mugs.  I seriously only wanted these mugs from the collection.  Everything else were just nice-to-haves.  Well, now that I have the mugs, and some other nice-to-haves, I am trying to configure them into my normal life.    Since my parents are rather…not gentle with our regular house mugs, I opted to keep my mug caddy in my room.  I’ll drag one down whenever I feel like making a nice cup of Nespresso.  As for the appetizer plates, I used them to carrel my lip balms and beauty blenders.  Yes, I am someone who has multiple beauty blenders for multiple uses.  Lastly, I scored these votive candle holders from the collection and use them to separate mascara, eyeliner, and lip gloss.  Love how it all came out and served a purpose!

In case you are wondering, yes, I do need a reminder every morning while I do make up that I do indeed have a doctorate.  Self motivation for the day? That’s what I keep telling myself.


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