Barrel and Bushel

 K and I love trying out new foods.  Just kidding, I love eating at new places, and I love dragging him along and calming him down when he gets angry about having to break out of his normal routine.  This is exactly what happened when we went to try Bushel and Barrel.  As you’ll see, his mind changed as soon as the food came out.  Their standard “rolls” are cheesy biscuits.  Like Red Lobster, but better!
Our appetizer included the same biscuits with some fried chicken and buttered pickles.  I usually hate pickles but they were so delicious.  Chick fil who?    I was in a light mood, so I ordered cheesy tater tots and a crab soup.  I didn’t quite realize that the tater tots would be drenched in the queso-like sauce.
I expected my soup to be a cream-based soup a la chowder, however seeing it as a broth soup was such a pleasant surprise.  It had a hint of Old Bay in it and the crustini just topped it off.  It was actually a huge portion as well!

We personally really enjoyed our experience.  My sister and cousins went on separate occasions, and said that the service stunk.  Hopefully this place gets an attitude adjustment before their rating starts to plummet.  Oh mighty Yelp, the power we hold.


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