Make Up Monday: 8/3

Ok, this is definitely going to be an unconventional makeup Monday.  This technically falls into make up, but it doesn’t exactly go on my face.  Yes, I am talking about something I have scoffed at for years.

GASP. Yah! I know! Cynical Kathy you have spent most of your adult life making fun of people who have orange legs.  I know kids, I know.  Out of a moment of desperation in Florida, I had to stop by a Walgreens and pick up a bottle of Air Brush legs.  Long story short, I had to shave my legs in Florida, and I knew it was going to strip my spray tan, so I needed something that would give me an instant glow that I had with my spray tan. 

WOW! I was instantly amazed with the results!  With a terrifying before-and-after, I am so absolutely pleased with how well this product turned out.  I look like I’m wearing pantyhose, but not!  It did not look orange at all, in fact, it looked surprisingly natural!
IDK man…my legs just look so healthy!  The spray also did very well to hind all the bug bites and scars on my legs.  Seriously, this thing has been such an under-appreicated miracle worker!

The first time I used it, I just sprayed it right onto my legs.  I mean it does say “air-brushed” right?  Upon reading the actual directions 3 uses later, I was supposed to spray it onto my hands and then rub them onto my legs.  I tried that. I hated it.  Even if I do waste more product by doing that….I would so much rather spray it onto my legs for a flawless finish.


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