Make Up Monday: 8/31

Summer is drawing to a close.  I mean seriously, where did it even go? I took some pretty look breaks from the blog this summer just to let myself be me.  It seems way more time had passed than I had expected, so I wanted to give one last salute to summer this week, as Labor Day is nigh.

At the very beginning of the summer, Sephora sent me a 20% coupon to help me maintain my Rouge status (#noshame).  I was still on a bit of a penny pinching mode, so I didn’t go all crazy.  I also was not in the greatest mood for make up, so I got some little summer-ready treats. IMG_0278

  1. NARS Ita brush ($55): holy grail alert! I heard so many things about this brush for contouring, and by the time lil ole me got wind of it, I was told it was getting discontinued.  THEN I saw it at the store, and THEN I got this coupon, so I splurged on it.  It’s a pricy one, but it was on sale, so ya know…
  2. Beauty Blender Solid Soap ($16): I was out.  It’s on sale.  I needed it.
  3. Sephora Kiss Me Balm ($8): I got Creme Brûlée (clear) and Peach Melba (coral).  I fell in love with the Soda Pop version and it is like 100x more hydrating than the EOS, and I love the gloss and color that this comes as.
  4. Sephora Dry Clean Solid Brush Cleanser ($14) I also needed a little soap item for my brushes. Yes, I do reserve my Beauty Blender solid just for my beauty blender…. However, the Sephora solid does come with a little rubber pad with which I can rub my brushes against and get out the little bits of foundation that are stuck  deep in these depths.
  5. First Aid Beauty Cream Intense Hydration ($6.50-30) I actually used my 100 points to get this sample.  I heard so much about it and have really wanted to try it, but with so many moisturizers at home in enormous Costco-sized containers, I couldn’t justify spending the money without trying it out first.

Even though summer is ending, I must say, these bad boys got me through the summer nicely.  Clean brushes, gently-contoured face, moisturized lips, moisturized face, full on adulting occurred this summer.



New York Minute 

Oh Hai, remember that time I went to New York for 4th of July weekend and never showed y’all the pictures? Yes.  I finally get to share these snaps with you.  By get, I mean I finally got off my lazy bum to load the pictures and caption them.  Warning: TONS OF EATING ahead.  When I go on any trip with my sister, you can get that it will be chock-full-of-eating. 

We arrived around 3pm on July 3rd and our hotel was ALLLLL location.  Yes, we stayed right in the middle of Time Square at the DoubleTree.   Funny story…ran into one of my Pharmacy School friends here, as she and her family were also staying here.

Let me tell you something about DoubleTree Hotels.  They give you warm yummy cookies before you even finish checking in.  Kevin and I once went to a wedding in Maryland and stayed a DoubleTree and it was basically the best experience of our lives.  We will only be staying in DoubleTrees from now on, for this reason.   Let me tell you something else about New York.  Everything is really freakin tall.  New York has got this vertical stacking thing down pat.  We were on like, the 23rd floor, and had an amazing view.
Our first stop was the most-talked-about stop.  Ippudo Westside is classic New York Ramen.  Even though we couldn’t go to Momofuku, this was an excellent choice for our first dinner in town.  PS check out my *flawless* make up.   SPICY PORK BUNS! These are the classic appetizer to Ramen.  And they were as delectable as ever.I got, what I *think* is a Karaka-men.  Unfortunately, Ippudo does not allow you to switch up the noodles.  I am a thick-and-curly ramen girl, and I had to settle for these thin straight noodles. Pro Tip: ALWAYS GET PORK BELLY. We had a little time to stop by the M&Ms store, as it was right next to the hotel.  That place is WAY too much stimulation with the people and the colors.  But these little organized pots of M&Ms calmed me right back down.
When we got back to the hotel, we finally got to dive into these AMAZING cream puffs.  We had passed it walking to dinner, however I told my sister this was her chance to get them.  Lemme tell you….SO WORTH THE CALORIES.  These were from Bibble & Sip, known for their Green Tea cream puffs.  Unfortunately they were out, but we forgot all about them once we bit into the the Chocolate cream puff.  I mean, WOW.   We meandered our way back through Times Square to find where our theater was located.  Then we passed Guy’s American.  This place smells like what I think Guy Fieri’s sweat would smell like.  Burgers and steak.
We found the theater SUPER quick, and right around the corner from it was Junior’s Cheesecake.  As one Yelper said, “it’s like a dope cloud in my mouth”.  I could not find a more accurate description of this place.   When they say World’s Best Cheesecake, they are being humble. Sooo we scarfed down the cheesecake much sooner than we had expected.  We popped into the Toys R Us store.  Surprisingly, not as over-stimulating as the M&Ms store.  Although very impressed that there is a functioning Ferris Wheel in this joint.  Not pictured: the Peeps section of the store.  IN LOVE FOREVER.
Alright… show time, and we are seeing Matilda!  We did plan on seeing other shows, however we had a kid with us and this was wildly appropriate.   OMG Let me tell you about this show!!  The set design was absolutely fantastic.  They made use of every inch of the stage and the songs were catchy.  It was a great experience!
Well, good night New York, and goodnight to these dudes checking out these fancy cars outside of the gentlemen’s club outside of our hotel.  Oh yeah, there was a gentlemen’s club next door to the Double Tree.   GOOD MORNING NEW YORK!  It’s absolutely no surprise our first stop in the morning is Dominique Ansel’s Bakery for a Cronut–and holy jeez it was worth all the hype.   Downside: they only had the flavor of the month available, which was banana.  Bright side: it didn’t even freaking matter, it was delicious.  Best Parts: the deep-friedness, the layers, the custard. Basically, everything.
And how adorable are these additional pastries!   Laduree in SoHo was next, of course.  You can’t go to NYC without going to Laduree!   Next places we trekked to are China Town and Little Italy, not pictured.
We followed the lovely scents of the Fresh store to escape that odd “city” smell that New York is known for.  Bestill my apothecary heart, this little custom scent bar is darling.   The guy in the Fresh store is judging me hard.  My sister and I geeked out over this sink because it was exactly like the one we had in our elementary school.  Theres a little lever you step on at the bottom and it kinda comes out in this weird flowing fountain.
In my quest to find the ELF Studio store, we ran into Eataly, and I had to see what it was all about!   I read about it before and have just been overwhelmed by the rave reviews.  It’s kinda like a really clean market and all Italian food. The. Nutella. Bar. is all I have to say.
I was really more here for the cannolis and the espresso.  It was a delightful afternoon snack.   After a little afternoon nap and hiding from a rain shower, we cabbed it back down to China Town for Joe’s Shanghai soup dumplings. OMG they are amazing!  My sister has been talking about this for years and now I finally get to have this little burst of heaven in my mouth.

Dinner before fireworks was in the Williamsburg area.  Traif is was bomb dot com.  We did the tasting menu, so the chef just brought out whatever he damn near felt like.  Everything complemented each other and the desserts completed our meal perfectly. 

Being the good Catholics that we are, we went to mass Sunday morning knowing full well that we were not going to make it home in time for the evening mass.  I heard about St. Patrick’s Cathedral in so many movies and shows (It Takes Two, Ugly Betty, etc) and the church really is a magnificent building in the heart of Manhattan.

Breakfast was at Bouchon, the bakery that is always in the back drop of the Today Show.  We missed the live broadcast, as it wraps up pretty early on Sunday mornings.   

We then got in some last minute shopping at this enormous H&M.  Did you know they have housewares??? Everything is so adorable and I am so mad they don’t sell it in their normal stores!

Our little buddy loves Legos, so why would we not stop in the Lego store? They had a mini Lego version of all things New York, and especially every huge landmark in Rockefeller.   

Will never tire of seeing iconic New York symbols.  Something about Rockefeller just draws me.  Could be the Today Show and my odd obsession with everything NBC.  Or the Christmas Tree.

Last spontaneous stop was the Magnolia Bakery, where it is rumored that all this cupcake craze has started.  Tastes like it too.

I am still trying to work off the savory foods and the sweet treats we had in New York.  I can’t wait for our next adventure!

Nail Polish Organizing

Let it be known: my hoarding knows no bounds.  I hoard everything, especially nail polish.  I may or may not buy the same color from different brands just because.  I may or may not buy repeat colors that I really love out of fear for famine.  I don’t even know where to begin.  I basically end up with a pile like this, except it exists in multiple boxes and other miscellaneous bottles scattered throughout my room. :So I hopped to my local office supply store (Let’s be real, I went to Target) and scooped up some of those round binder reinforcer things.  I was really aiming to get solid circles, but these will get the job done since they fit perfectly on top of nail polish bottles.  Other circle-y stickers were way too big. Next, I separated my shades into Cool and Warm colors (a little art lesson for ya. Thanks, Mrs. Schmitt) and colored it onto these circles.  No need to be neat, only the sticker part needs paint anyways (I lie, see the result later).  Make sure you line up the bottles to match the order of stickers while they dry.  Pro Tip: make sure you actually paint the sticker.  After they dried, I realized I was painting THE BACK SIDE.  So terrible.   I do two coats to bring out the true color of the sticker.  If it is a glittery polish, I do a stamping motion to get the most glitter all over the sticker.  When you swipe like other polish, it kinda drags the glitter around, and then into the sticker donut.  Then, stick those bad boys onto the tops of the bottles.  It’s super messy since the paint likes to stick to itself (well thats a relief, I wish they would do that on my nails…)

Then, I stick them back in their box in ombre-like organization, i.e. darkest to lightest.    

I stored them in clear plastic shoe boxes I had gotten at Costco (Similar).  It’s not the ideal storage solution, but I am able to see which color I want just at a glance, rather than picking through a pile of a disorganized mess.

Speaking of ideal organization of nail polish, I’d much rather have these options if I had unlimited time, resources, and square footage:

From DIYNcrafts

From DIYNCrafts

From All Things Beautiful XO

From Etsy

From Glitter and Gloss Nails

From Polish Chest

Make Up Monday 8/24

Well, looks like I went on another blogger strike.  By strike, I mean I got really caught up in my work the last two weeks, so I skimped on blogging.  This happens a lot, and almost every day, I go to work without make up.  I MEAN WHAT A WASTE!  Do you guys see how much make up I own? I have to have an entire day on my blog each week to talk about make up just to force myself to use them.

That being said, I do keep a few goodies in my desk on days that I don’t wear make up.  Sure, I feel the eyes of judgment when my boss walks by and I’m applying make up, but whatever.

Revlon ColorStay Makeup :: Beauty Blender :: ELF Studio Bronzer :: ELF Angled Blush Brush :: NYX Wonder Pencil Medium Concealer Lip Liner & Eye Brightener :: Laura Mercier Caviar Eyeshadow in Amethyst :: L’Oreal Paris The Super Slim Eyeliner by Infallible :: Bite Cosmetics Lush Lip Tint in Lychee :: ELF Daily Moisture Stick

I like products that are quick and easy to use, and that can also multi-task.  My quick users are the Loreal eyeliner, which glides on without a struggle, and the Laura Mercier color stick, which provides and iridescent color without and effort.  My multi-taksers are the NYX Wonder Pencil, which covers concealer and water lining, and the ELF Bronzer, which can also double as gold eye shadow when I’m not feeling the purple.

Decorating with L4T

Four months later.  Many strenuous and uneven trades later.  I finally got those gosh darn Lilly Pulitzer for Target mugs.  I seriously only wanted these mugs from the collection.  Everything else were just nice-to-haves.  Well, now that I have the mugs, and some other nice-to-haves, I am trying to configure them into my normal life.    Since my parents are rather…not gentle with our regular house mugs, I opted to keep my mug caddy in my room.  I’ll drag one down whenever I feel like making a nice cup of Nespresso.  As for the appetizer plates, I used them to carrel my lip balms and beauty blenders.  Yes, I am someone who has multiple beauty blenders for multiple uses.  Lastly, I scored these votive candle holders from the collection and use them to separate mascara, eyeliner, and lip gloss.  Love how it all came out and served a purpose!

In case you are wondering, yes, I do need a reminder every morning while I do make up that I do indeed have a doctorate.  Self motivation for the day? That’s what I keep telling myself.

Barrel and Bushel

 K and I love trying out new foods.  Just kidding, I love eating at new places, and I love dragging him along and calming him down when he gets angry about having to break out of his normal routine.  This is exactly what happened when we went to try Bushel and Barrel.  As you’ll see, his mind changed as soon as the food came out.  Their standard “rolls” are cheesy biscuits.  Like Red Lobster, but better!
Our appetizer included the same biscuits with some fried chicken and buttered pickles.  I usually hate pickles but they were so delicious.  Chick fil who?    I was in a light mood, so I ordered cheesy tater tots and a crab soup.  I didn’t quite realize that the tater tots would be drenched in the queso-like sauce.
I expected my soup to be a cream-based soup a la chowder, however seeing it as a broth soup was such a pleasant surprise.  It had a hint of Old Bay in it and the crustini just topped it off.  It was actually a huge portion as well!

We personally really enjoyed our experience.  My sister and cousins went on separate occasions, and said that the service stunk.  Hopefully this place gets an attitude adjustment before their rating starts to plummet.  Oh mighty Yelp, the power we hold.

Make Up Monday: 8/3

Ok, this is definitely going to be an unconventional makeup Monday.  This technically falls into make up, but it doesn’t exactly go on my face.  Yes, I am talking about something I have scoffed at for years.

GASP. Yah! I know! Cynical Kathy you have spent most of your adult life making fun of people who have orange legs.  I know kids, I know.  Out of a moment of desperation in Florida, I had to stop by a Walgreens and pick up a bottle of Air Brush legs.  Long story short, I had to shave my legs in Florida, and I knew it was going to strip my spray tan, so I needed something that would give me an instant glow that I had with my spray tan. 

WOW! I was instantly amazed with the results!  With a terrifying before-and-after, I am so absolutely pleased with how well this product turned out.  I look like I’m wearing pantyhose, but not!  It did not look orange at all, in fact, it looked surprisingly natural!
IDK man…my legs just look so healthy!  The spray also did very well to hind all the bug bites and scars on my legs.  Seriously, this thing has been such an under-appreicated miracle worker!

The first time I used it, I just sprayed it right onto my legs.  I mean it does say “air-brushed” right?  Upon reading the actual directions 3 uses later, I was supposed to spray it onto my hands and then rub them onto my legs.  I tried that. I hated it.  Even if I do waste more product by doing that….I would so much rather spray it onto my legs for a flawless finish.

Monogram of the Month: August

Summer is winding down.  Seriously, WHERE did summer go? Like where did spring even go?  There are just some things I don’t understand.  What I do understand and love are monograms added to anything.  I have been loving my monogrammed sunnies all summer.   I got my pair off a sale on GroopDealz, but Marley Lilly sells them as well.  I opted for the tortoise shell ones since I have a pair of black Ray Bans already.  I just think they look so chic and classy with a monogram that blends in.  Also, I like that they are etched in instead of stickers.  I definitely need more summer-friendly monograms.