Beautiful Lengths

In case you have not been following me on Instagram, I recently got a major hair cut.  Like I got bored and cut everything off.  


I did this twice before.  The first time, a friend needed a wig to be made for her sister.  My hair went directly to the making of a wig.  The second time, I was set on donating it to Lock of Love.  After reading so many scathing reports of LoL, I decided against it.  Not proud of it, but I still have that one tuff of hair waiting to be sent out, in addition to the one I just got now.

I decided, after many months of researching, to donate my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  It seems to be the least controversial organization and the hair actually goes to making wings for cancer patients.   As a health care provider, I have seen and treated many cancer patients, and my heart grows bigger every time I see them show off their new wig after a chemo treatment.

I basically farm my hair.  Let it grow a certain length, and then cut it all off again.  I don’t really mind it so much.  I don’t have the emotional attachment to my hair that other people seem to have, and you know what? Hair grows back.  Some people do not have that luxury.


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