WIW: Conference

Believe it or not, I am still recovering from my conference last week.  Going to one is already tiring, hosting one is absolutely exhausting.  The conference itself ran from Wednesday through Sunday, but I had to get there on Monday to meet with the hotel staff and plan awards and other behind-the-scenes tasks.

One of the other officers sent out a packing list, thank goodness, which made the packing so much easier.  We have three professional days, with casual kick-off and casual dinners.



In case you are wondering, yes, I did bring my entire collection of Jack Rogers.  Just kidding, I only brought four of them and left the other six at home.  The conference was at Disney, so I definitely had to wear my mouse ears on the opening kick off night!  I definitely aspired to be known as the “fun council member.”  Despite the useful packing list, I forgot how many casual days I had!  Yes, I re-wore shorts. Don’t hate.
business session


I like wearing dresses for professional events.  Not because I am trying to impress someone.  Because I don’t trust myself to match two pieces of clothing together to look professional. Also, with my weight gain, clothing kinda rides up funny and I end up with my gut sticking out or my back showing.  Not the time nor the place to be looking a hot mess in front of students.

Although I had fewer options to choose from on this trip, I at least got use out of everything in my suitcase! That meant instead of sorting through clothing when I got home, I just threw everything in the wash because everything got used.


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