Make Up Monday: 7/27

Contouring has definitely taken the make up world by storm.  Even though contouring is out and “strobing” is in, I still love a good bronzing and contour palette.  These palettes were hard to come by.  Even though I have the Smashbox palette, I am absolutely loving the NYX contour palette.  Not only are there EIGHT colors, I feel like it is a great dupe for both the Smashbox ‘Step By Step’ Contour Kit and the popular ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Contour Kit.

I like the banana-colored powder for the under-eye area and the ashy brown below it is a perfect contour shade. The yellow neutralizes the purple-ness of bags under my eyes (they’re Prada, btw) and the ashy brown makes a perfect shadow shade.

I think my favorite part about this palette is that it is a drugstore product, even though you can basically only get it at Ulta or their website.  Speaking of Ulta, I used my points for it and it cost a whopping $6 (down from $25).  Y’all know I love a good steal!


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